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What Measure R May Mean for Rancho Cordova

What Will Measure R Do For Rancho Cordova?

Measure R passed in the November election.  It will increase Rancho Cordova’s sales tax by half a cent and will provide approximately $8 million per year to fund community priorities that are identified by the residents of Rancho Cordova, which could include:

  • Street and pothole repair
  • Ensuring public areas are kept safe and clean
  • Preparing the city for health emergencies or natural disasters
  • Helping to address issues involving the homeless
  • Programs aimed at attracting new jobs and businesses to the region
  • Revitalizing vacant buildings and removing blight along commercial corridors

Funds Limited to Use in Rancho Cordova

Funds generated by Measure R’s sales tax increase will only be used within Rancho Cordova’s city limits, and the use of funds will be subject to citizen oversight and annual audits.

The monies will go toward infrastructure projects.  They will also help to support existing businesses and efforts to attract more restaurants, retail, and recreational options to the area.  The goal is to continue to make Rancho Cordova an area where people want to live and put down roots.

Answering Questions Regarding Measure R

  • For those wondering what the sales tax means – the tax will add half a cent to the price of any taxable good that is purchased for $1.00 in Rancho Cordova.  If the good costs $50.00, the price will be increased by $0.50.
  • Some may wonder how Measure R will support local businesses through the economic recovery.  The City of Rancho Cordova will use revenue from the measure for a number of programs intended to help support existing businesses.  It also will fund revitalization efforts within commercial corridors with the goal of improving safety and reducing panhandling.  Additionally, work will be done to revitalize vacant buildings that are in disrepair in order to attract new businesses to the area.
  • Residents may be curious as to how the measure will help them.  Measure R will include funding to make neighborhoods safer, and to improve the roads.  Jobs will be created by funding programs that help attract new businesses to the region.  Those businesses will include retailers and entertainment options, providing convenient shopping and local enjoyment for those who live in the area.

Rancho Cordova on the Rise

Even before the passage of Measure R, Rancho Cordova had been working on building its infrastructure in order to attract new residents and businesses.  Earlier this month, the City unveiled its first gateway monument sign. This was an important milestone for the City of Rancho Cordova.  The sign is located on the southwest corner of Sunrise Boulevard and South Bridge Street.  It signifies a warm welcome to those entering into city limits.

Watch the YouTube video featuring the Mayor of Rancho Cordova discussing the Sunrise Boulevard gateway monument sign.

Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Lawyer

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