What is Radiculopathy?

What is Radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy is a specific type of spinal nerve injury that can manifest in different ways. The nerves of the spinal cord play a crucial role in the function of almost every organ system. The spinal cord starts at the brainstem and descends down the back through the chest and abdomen. The spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae which guard against both blunt and penetrating injuries. There are many ways in which someone could suffer a spinal cord injury:

  • Penetrating injuries of the spine in traumatic accidents and physical assaults.
  • Involvement in motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, bicycle collisions, and motorcycle accidents.
  • Fall injuries from a great height.

In some cases, the spinal cord has not been damaged, but some of the nerves that project from the cord might be harmed. This is the case with radiculopathy.

An Overview of a Radiculopathy

In radiculopathy, one or more nerves have been impacted and do not function as they should. In this case, the nerves have been damaged as they exit the spinal cord. This is referred to as the root of the spinal cord. Even though the problem is at the root of the nerve as it exits the spinal cord, the symptoms often radiate to other parts of the body. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Muscle spasms or trouble with muscle coordination
  • A weakness of one or more muscle groups
  • Pain that radiates to other parts of the body
  • Numbness and tingling

These symptoms can make it difficult for people to go about their everyday life. In some cases, these symptoms can get worse and make it hard to get out of bed. Fortunately, there are some treatment options for individuals suffering from radiculopathy.

Watch YouTube Video: Radiculopathy. Symptoms. This short animated video explains the causes and symptoms of radiculopathy.

Treatment of Radiculopathy

When someone has been diagnosed with radiculopathy, there are two distinct treatment options. The first involves physical therapy. First, individuals will be asked to rest the affected area to relieve any inflammation. Then, therapy specialists will help people with the flexibility and strength of the affected muscle group. This will provide more support to the affected nerve.

If rehabilitation doesn’t work, individuals might need surgery. In some cases, radiculopathy is caused by a bulging disc. In these situations, surgery is typically required to repair the disc and relieve the symptoms.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Radiculopathy is a spinal nerve injury that could cause severe symptoms. As families are helping their loved one recover from the injury, it is also essential to ask for help from a trained personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. An injury lawyer can help with:

  • Pursuing damages related to the accident, the injury, and any complications.
  • Negotiating with financial institutions to ensure benefits are paid out on time.
  • Shifting a case to court when necessary.

Reach out to a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today. You and your loved ones might be owed a financial award.

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