What Causes Woodland Bicycle Accidents?

What Causes Woodland Bicycle Accidents?

According to data gathered by research groups at UC Berkeley, Woodland has seen numerous bicycle accidents over previous years. Reports show that, during 2006-2018, a total of 162 injury-causing bicycle crashes happened within the city. Thankfully, none of these accidents were fatal, but more than half of them involved either a severe or moderate injury. Injuries suffered during bicycle accidents can be life-changing, and bicyclists run a high risk of being injured because they lack the protection offered by airbags, seatbelts, and other standard safety features of passenger vehicles. Still, riding your bike through the calm, scenic streets of Woodland or going on long rides in the nearby agricultural areas is a pleasure and more and more people are choosing to ride bikes as a regular means of transportation. If cyclists want to stay safe while out on the road, they should be aware of some of the more common causes of serious bicycle accidents.

Common Collision Causes

Some of the most common accident causes for cyclists include:

  • Left-turning Vehicles: accidents caused by vehicles making left turns are common for cyclists as well as pedestrians, motorcyclists, and all roadway users. Although drivers are expected to yield to oncoming traffic when performing unprotected left-hand turns, many motorists neglect to look out for cyclists or other traffic before navigating a turn.
  • Vehicles Entering the Roadway: Cyclists can often be struck when drivers pull out from their driveway or enter the road from a parking lot or street side. In many cases, the motorist pulls out directly into the path of an oncoming cyclist, leaving them with no time to stop in order to avoid a collision.
  • Opening Doors: It may seem like a cliche, but cyclists really do get injured when vehicle occupants suddenly open doors into roadways. In California, it is illegal to open a car door if it unsafely interferes with roadway traffic. Usually, motorists and passengers who do open doors in front of cyclists or other traffic are considered negligent.
  • Road Defects: The design and maintenance of roadways is the responsibility of government entities such as states or municipalities. Roads need to be properly maintained so that drivers can navigate them safely. Bicycle accidents frequently occur because of a large pothole, inadequate signage, low lighting, a lack of turn lanes, or some other roadway hazard.

How Can I Recover After a Bicycle Accident?

Many people who receive injuries in a bicycle accident face a difficult, lengthy process of recovery. Recovering from an injury can mean needing to take a lot of time off work and, often, expensive medical procedures. Dealing with these financial worries while also coping with the physical pain of an injury can be overwhelming, but having a lawyer can help. A good Woodland bicycle accident attorney can help you make sure that responsible parties such as reckless motorists or government entities are held accountable for their negligence by helping you pursue a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims seek to provide injured parties with the funds they need to fully recover both physically and financially from accidents caused by negligence. To learn more about whether or not you may be able to file a personal injury claim, check out the below video:

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