West Sacramento Traffic Crash on Yolo Causeway

Two Vehicles Collide on I-80 

A traffic crash in West Sacramento was reported on February 17. The accident happened along I-80 eastbound close to the exit at Enterprise Boulevard at about 8:30 p.m. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the vehicles were at the side of the Yolo Causeway, but tow trucks were able to remove them. 

Driver Says Accident Caused by Tire Blowout

A driver, age 19, is being blamed for the accident. His mother said her son was on his way home from visiting a relative when he experienced a tire blowout, causing his car to swerve into another vehicle. Although the mother said her son pulled over and checked on those in the other vehicle, he was confronted by a bystander, which made him fearful. 

CHP Investigating Cause of Traffic Crash

As a result, he pulled off at the next exit that was safest. The CHP told the mother that they suspected the accident was a hit-and-run but are investigating the crash using footage from a dashcam and by talking to witnesses. No injuries were reported in the collision, and no arrest has been made.

Causes of a Tire Blowout That Lead to a Traffic Crash

Tire blowouts can occur for a number of reasons. These include old tires that have passed their use, overloading the vehicle, a puncture, low pressure, or uneven tread. However, not all tire blowouts can be blamed on the driver. In the following instances, if the driver experiences a tire blowout due to negligence, they may be able to place a claim to recover compensation for their injuries, lost time at work and for their pain and suffering.

Government Negligence Can Lead to a Tire Blowout

Objects in the roadway such as stones, gravel and debris can lead to a tire blowout. So can potholes, fissures or upheavals in the pavement and other types of negligence. If the government entity in charge of maintaining the roadway was negligent and that led to an injury accident, they can be held liable for the injuries.

Government Negligence in a Traffic Crash – How to File a Claim

A West Sacramento injury lawyer can help when government negligence is involved. Unlike most other personal injury cases, the timeline for filing is much shorter. When someone is injured by government negligence, they have only six months in which to file a claim. After that, the government agency has 45 days to respond. 

If the government entity rejects the claim, the injured party has six months to file a lawsuit in civil court. If no response is received from the government entity, the injured party has two years in which to file a lawsuit. If the claim isn’t filed before the time limit is reached, the court will refuse to hear the case.

Defective Auto Parts

In some cases, the blowout was caused by a defect in the tire, which can lead to an auto product liability claim against the manufacturer and others. Some of the types of negligence by manufacturers in the production and tire sales line include:

  • Tires have a six-year expiration date. After this date, they may be dangerous even though the tread is perfectly fine. Because the rubber in an older tire can crack and dry out, it can lead to a serious traffic crash.
  • Overinflation and underinflation can lead to a car accident. Saving the documentation when tires have been worked on or inflated can be a good idea since it can point toward negligence.
  • Tread separation is a defect that can lead to a tire blowout. Using poorer quality materials to construct a tire can endanger the driver and passengers.  

West Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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