West Sacramento Pedestrian Accidents

West Sacramento Pedestrian Accidents

When a West Sacramento pedestrian is injured through the negligent actions of another person or entity, the walker has the legal right to claim compensation.  Under California law governing personal injuries, injured persons can obtain fair compensation to pay for their medical bills and associated expenses, pain and suffering and time lost from work to recover. A personal injury lawyer’s job is to assist an injured person by gathering all the evidence in the accident, deal with the insurance company, and if negotiations fail, to take the case to civil court where it will be decided by a jury.

How a West Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Happens

Pedestrians have a duty of care toward others, just as motorists do. For the most part, a West Sacramento pedestrian is cautious about crossing streets and concerned about staying safe. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 6,000 fatalities to pedestrians happened in traffic accidents in 2016. Unfortunately, the majority of pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Some of the ways in which motorists are negligent include:

  • Running a red light or stop sign: This is one of the most common driving errors made by motorists that can cause a West Sacramento pedestrian injury.
  • Speeding: Speeding is a factor in a majority of all types of traffic accidents. The higher the speed, the less control the driver has over the vehicle and slowing and stopping distance is reduced.
  • Drowsy driving: There are times when a driver is too sleepy to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. That person may have stayed up too late the night before, be doing shift work or on medication that cautions against driving. For whatever the reason, that person is guilty of negligence if they fall asleep or start to nod off and cause a West Sacramento pedestrian injury.
  • Distracted driving: Another major cause of traffic collisions involving pedestrians is drivers who drive distracted. Talking or texting on a cell phone is likely the number one cause of distraction, but there are many other reasons, including talking to passengers, changing the radio station or eating and drinking in the car.

Injuries in a West Sacramento Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians have little to no protection in an accident caused by a driver. This means the pedestrian can suffer catastrophic injuries when struck. Some of the more common forms of trauma include brain injury, bones that are fractured in multiple places, spinal cord damage and abdominal or chest trauma. When facing the financial repercussions of medical care and other expenses caused by a traffic collision, it can be difficult for the family to cope. Insurance companies will probably make an offer to settle the claim. However, they are companies in business to make a profit, and it is unlikely an offer will be made that is anything but low. The driver who caused the accident will be looking for ways to lower the economic damages and other liability, so it’s probable they will have an attorney.

West Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento personal injury lawyer. When you are facing mounting expenses because of an injury you or a loved one suffered due to a negligent driver, an experienced attorney can help you recover the compensation you need. If you want to speak with me and receive my free and friendly advice, phone me at (916) 921-6400 or through my toll-free number at (800) 404-5400. In addition, I offer a contact form online at AutoAccident.com as an easy way to get in touch.

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