West Sacramento Multiple-Vehicle Crash 

Accident Caused by Speeding Driver Involves Multiple Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash was reported along the Yolo Causeway in West Sacramento on February 18 that involved a speeding driver. The accident ensued on westbound Interstate 80 after authorities were called to a neighborhood on Silver Eagle Road at about 4:00 p.m. in response to a disturbance involving gunfire. 

The individual involved in the disturbance got into a vehicle and was traveling at a fast speed when the driver became involved in a collision with multiple cars. Police were in active pursuit as the incident played out. 

Minor Injuries Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

A spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department said that multiple people suffered injuries described as minor in the accident. No precise number of vehicles involved in the crash was reported. The driver who caused the multiple-vehicle crash suffered injuries described as non-life-threatening and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Driver Treated at Hospital and Placed Under Arrest After Multiple-Vehicle Crash

After being released from the hospital, the driver was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Jail. The westbound lanes along I-80 were closed from West Capitol Avenue to Chiles Road due to the accident. The accident is currently under investigation to determine how the collision happened and what part the involved vehicles had in it.

Collisions Involving Multiple Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash is almost always caused by some type of negligence. In many cases, more than one driver is at fault. Some of the reasons these accidents occur include:

  • Speeding leads to many accidents involving multiple vehicles. Because the driver is speeding, when traffic slows ahead, they cannot slow down in time to avoid a crash. In addition, the driver can lose control of their vehicle by trying to stop too fast, causing it to fishtail and impact other cars.
  • Distracted driving has become a major cause of accidents because the driver is either texting or talking on their cell phone while trying to concentrate on the roadway ahead. Since texting requires the driver’s eyes to be focused on the screen, one hand on the device while writing and takes their attention, it is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Fatigued driving is becoming more common as a factor in traffic accidents. The driver who is too tired to be behind the wheel of a vehicle has trouble focusing and concentrating on the task at hand. The driver can also nod off while driving without even realizing it or cross over into another lane.
  • Drunk driving remains a major cause of accidents. Because a drunk driver cannot control the speed of their vehicle, may have blurred vision, and their reaction time is slowed, when an inebriated driver is behind the wheel of a car, a multiple-vehicle crash is a common result.

Recovering Compensation After a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

When a number of vehicles are involved in an accident, those who were negligent have to be found in order for a client to obtain the compensation they deserve. After conducting an investigation to determine that information, our injury lawyers work hard to build a case to support our client’s claim to recover damages. In this way, they can have the cost of their medical expenses, wages lost from being unable to work, and pain and suffering recovered. This allows the injured party to concentrate on getting well without the financial worry they would face otherwise.

West Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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