Vineyard Multiple Casualty Crash Involving Children Reported

Accident on Jackson Road Causes Multiple Injuries

A multiple casualty crash occurred in Vineyard on August 25 that injured six, including five children. The four-vehicle accident happened along Jackson Road near Excelsior Road around 5:45 p.m. close to Camellia Memorial Lawn cemetery, according to the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. Six people were transported to a hospital with injuries from moderate to minor. 

Authorities Investigating Multiple Casualty Crash to Determine Cause

Others involved in the accident were uninjured and refused medical attention. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is investigating the multiple casualty crash to determine how it occurred and to assign fault.

Finding Fault in a Multiple Casualty Crash

When collisions occur that involve multiple vehicles, more than one driver is often at fault. In one instance, a driver may have been speeding and crashed into another motorist, beginning the crash. Another driver may have been tailgating and collided with the first two cars. A third might have been texting or talking on their cell phone instead of concentrating on the traffic and ended up contributing to the multiple casualty crash. 

Obtaining Help to Determine Negligence in a Multiple Casualty Crash

Part of an injury lawyer’s job is to determine which drivers were at fault for the accident injuries. We have successfully handled cases of this type many times. In all injury accidents, negligence has to be shown so that the injured parties can recover compensation. An investigation to collect evidence to support a client’s claim often contains the following:

  • Our investigators go to the site of the accident to collect the evidence needed to support a client’s claim before it disappears.
  • The police report is examined to determine its accuracy because errors can affect a client’s claim.
  • Surveillance cameras in the area are checked to see if the collision was captured on film. If it was, that film can be subpoenaed.
  • Any bystanders who saw the accident are interviewed. In some cases, they can provide corroborating statements. In others, a witness might have filmed the crash as it occurred, which provides compelling evidence both in how it happened and in showing which drivers were at fault.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction, which shows how the vehicles were positioned before the collision occurred, how it happened and where they ended up. Evidence of this type is accepted both in civil court and by insurance companies as proof of fault.

As soon as our investigators gather all the evidence required to support a client’s claim, our skilled accident lawyers begin preparing the case. By preparing an irrefutable claim, our clients can obtain the compensation they deserve to cover all of their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Vineyard

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