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Vertigo After an Auto Accident 

Vertigo After an Auto Accident 

If you have ever felt dizzy after bumping your head or standing up too quickly, you’re not alone. The dizziness, also known as vertigo, is not a rare condition. According to statistics on the website, BC Balance and Dizziness:

  • Many children who have vestibular problems deal with dizziness daily.
  • The leading cause of balance problems, vertigo, and dizziness is severe head trauma.
  • About a third of all adults over the age of 40 have some sort of ongoing balance issue.
  • Those who have continuous vertigo problems are significantly more likely to have a serious fall that could land them in a hospital.

Even though one of the most frequent causes of dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), it is important to highlight that head trauma can also lead to chronic balance problems.

Causes of Head Trauma: Vertigo

As noted above, one of the most common reasons why someone develops vertigo is head trauma. Impacts to the head can lead to a traumatic brain injury. This can damage neurons that help maintain balance. Some of the causes of head trauma include:

  • An auto accident where someone suffers a blunt or penetrating impact to the skull
  • A slip and fall injury on an icy sidewalk or wet floor
  • Physical assault
  • A fall from a great height

Traumatic brain injuries are serious and are often accompanied by major complications. Chronic dizziness is often overlooked; however, this can be extremely debilitating. There are a few treatment options available.

Treatment Options 

Vertigo is one of the most challenging disorders to treat. Ultimately, the treatment depends on the reason why someone is dizzy in the first place. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Vertigo stemming from a  foreign body in the inner ear should be treated with removal of the object.
  • A low-salt diet or diuretics can be helpful for people with high blood pressure.
  • Vestibular-suppressant medications can be used for individuals with vestibular disorders.
  • Meclizine is the first-line medication for many causes of dizziness.

In the end, treating vertigo is hard, and some people end up with symptoms that can only be addressed, but not cured. Therefore, individuals and their family members often deal with challenging quality of life issues related to vertigo.

Watch YouTube Video: Severe Dizziness, How to Manage Your Vertigo. The video below features a patient who is suffering from vertigo and how she is managing the condition.

Quality of Life Issues Related to Dizziness

When people suffer from chronic vertigo, there are many problems that they can face. Some of these include:

  • Persistent nausea and vomiting that make it difficult to eat and drink.
  • The inability to drive a car safely because of the ongoing balance problems.
  • Issues returning to school or work due to the dizziness.
  • Problems performing basic activities of daily living such as cooking, laundry, and yard work.
  • Mental health disorders stemming from the inability to enjoy recreational activities that used to be pleasurable.

It is easy to see how these issues can place families under an extreme amount of stress. Because of this, it is vital for everyone to ask for help.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Balance problems, particularly those related to dizziness, should never be taken lightly. When people deal with chronic vertigo, they often feel disoriented, nauseous, and have trouble doing anything. This can lead to significant quality of life problems. Under these circumstances, it is a good idea to speak with a car accident injury attorney. An experienced injury lawyer can provide assistance by:

  • Taking a look at the scene of the accident and reviewing records.
  • Working with professionals to reconstruct what happened at the scene.
  • Assisting families who are having problems with their insurance provider.
  • Helping families pursue damages secondary to their health problems.

Never hesitate to ask for help because someone is always available. Take a few moments to speak with an auto accident injury lawyer in Sacramento today. You might be deserving of a financial reward.

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Vertigo After an Auto Accident:

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