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Ventura Car Accident Injures Three on Hwy 101


Ventura Car Accident Injures Three on Hwy 101

I’m Ed Smith, a Ventura car accident lawyer. A crash occurred in Ventura on May 3, involving two vehicles on Highway 101. No road closures were issued due to the accident. I want to extend my sympathy to those involved in the accident and hope that their lives are back to normal soon.

What Happened

According to a representative of the fire department in Ventura, the accident happened along Highway 101 in the southbound lane near the exit for South Seaward Avenue and paralleling East Harbor Boulevard shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon. After the two vehicles collided, both pulled off the highway into the divider in the center. Three persons were transported to the hospital following the collision and were reported to have injuries that were considered minor. In addition to fire department personnel from Ventura County and the California Highway Patrol was present at the crash site.

Why Accidents Happen

Did you know that in a study conducted by the Auto Insurance Center, an information and news site about motor vehicles, concluded that the main cause of fatal California crashes between 2009 and 2013 was making an improper turn? In California in 2015, there were 2,925 fatal accidents that resulted in the deaths of 3,176 individuals. However, improper turns are not the only contributing factor of accidents.

In California, as well as the rest of the nation, speeding, drunk driving, bad weather, reckless driving, which includes not using signals or aggressive driving, contribute to accidents. Distracted driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, causes eight deaths and 1,161 injuries from motor vehicle accidents each day in the United States. 

The Different Types of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving falls into three categories, visual, manual and cognitive. Visual may include looking off to the side of the road or at your GPS. Manual means a driver taking his or her hands off the wheel such as when the driver is tuning the radio or reaching for something. Cognitive distraction occurs when the driver’s mind is not concentrating on the road and surrounding traffic. Instead, that person may be daydreaming or thinking about other matters.

Injuries Due to the Negligence of Another Driver

Victims of negligent drivers face medical bills, loss of earnings, perhaps a recuperative period and can damage a personal relationship, called loss of consortium. In certain cases, when the negligence is considered “criminal,” an injured person may be entitled to claim punitive damages.

Ventura Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

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