Vehicle Crashes Into Apartment in North Highlands

Vehicle Crashes Into Apartment in North Highlands

Vehicle Crashes Into Apartment in North Highlands

I’m Ed Smith, a North Highlands car accident lawyer. On July 23 in North Highlands, a driver misjudged making a turn and ended up driving into a building. The accident caused minor injuries to a 6-year-old child and infant who were inside the building. There were no injuries to either the driver or the passengers in the vehicle, according to a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The children were taken to a near by hospital for evaluation as a safety precaution.

Details of the Crash

The accident happened at about 2:30 in the afternoon along Oak Hollow Drive when a motorist attempted to make a turn at the Arbor Ridge apartments and overshot. The vehicle crashed into an apartment instead, causing severe damage. Two small children were in the apartment when the collision happened. One of the officers who was present at the scene of the accident said that neither alcohol nor drug use was a factor in the crash. The car had been removed from the building by 3:40 in the afternoon.

Losing Control of a Vehicle – Driver Error

There are many reasons why people lose control of their vehicles. The vast majority are due to driver error. Some of the most common mistakes drivers make are:

  • Distracted Drivers: Driving while eating, talking on the phone, texting or even talking to other passengers can interfere with a driver’s attention. When focus is taken off driving and the road ahead, the driver may lose control and cause an accident.
  • Fatigued Driving: Driving while fatigued is a major reason why drivers lose control of their vehicles. Fatigue interferes with the driver’s concentration and cognitive abilities.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions: Bad weather often causes a vehicle to behave differently than it usually would. For instance, a barely wet roadway can cause tires to lose contact with the pavement as they may float on a layer of water. This is called hydroplaning. It is a driver’s responsibility to drive in a way that takes weather into consideration. Usually, slowing down on wet, slippery roads will help maintain control.
  • Drunk Driving: This is a significant problem on the road. Drunk drivers do not have the cognitive discretion or ability to react to roadway changes and often lose control of their vehicles.
  • Speeding: One problem is driving too fast for the road. Approximately five percent of all crashes are due to a driver taking a curve too fast.
  • Overreacting: Not reacting properly to a roadway hazard can cause the driver to lose control. It is not just the initial maneuver, such as swerving to get out of the way of an obstacle, but the corrective technique the driver makes to get back on track.

Losing Control Due to Defective Vehicles or Auto Parts

Defective auto parts and motor vehicles can make a driver lose control. We rely on our tires to keep us on the road. When a tire fails for one reason or another, the vehicle’s stability can be lost. Another problem that is commonly experienced is faulty brakes. Being unable to stop can cause a car to proceed at a speed that is not conducive to driving appropriately for roadway changes, which can lead to an accident. This event is particularly dangerous when a curve is involved.

How to Maintain Control in Specific Instances

Let’s say your tire fails, and you are rapidly losing control. In these types of situations, the first thing to do is to not apply the brakes or the accelerator. Allow the car to slow down on its own. Once the vehicle slows down to 30 mph, gently steer toward the side of the road. Do not vigorously turn the steering wheel. The likelihood of spinning out of control is higher, especially if a rear tire is blown.

Defective brakes are another common reason why cars lose control. If your brakes fail, follow these tips recommended by driving instructors:

  • Gently engage the emergency brake.
  • Put your car into a lower gear by downshifting.
  • Carefully turn off the road. Before doing this, let the vehicle slow down by not applying the accelerator.
  • Don’t turn off the ignition until you are safely on the side of the road.

North Highlands Car Accident Lawyer

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