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Complications of Vascular Injuries

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July 24, 2019
Edward Smith

Complications of Vascular Injuries

The blood vessels play an essential role in the body, and the complications of vascular injuries can be severe. The body is made up of a delicate network of arteries, veins, and capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients to various organs and tissues. If any of these cells are deprived of oxygen for even a short period, it could lead to irreversible cell death. Any time a major blood vessel is injured, it is always severe. Some of the ways that the body’s blood vessels might be injured include:

  • Sustaining a blunt injury in an auto accident that leads to a large bruise, signifying damage to the body’s veins.
  • A penetrating injury that slices through one of the body’s main arteries.
  • Suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, a type of traumatic brain injury, in a motorcycle or bicycle accident.

These are all common ways that vascular injuries might occur. Unfortunately, some serious complications could arise.

Sepsis Following Vascular Injuries

One potential complication of an injury to a blood vessel is the development of sepsis. Sepsis is the term used to describe an overwhelming infection throughout the body. When penetrating damage to a significant blood vessel occurs, bacteria can enter the bloodstream. Using this blood vessel, bacteria can travel to almost any location throughout the body, leading to a life-threatening infection. Some of the signs of sepsis include:

  • A massive “petechial” rash, often described as a “blueberry muffin” appearance
  • Repeated, high, spiking fevers
  • Altered mental status
  • An elevated heart rate and respiratory rate
  • A dropping blood pressure

Sepsis is a medical emergency and needs to be treated as quickly as possible to prevent a fatal outcome. Typically, this infection is treated with multiple, broad-spectrum antibiotics until the bacteria is identified. During this period, extra IV fluids and blood pressure medications might be needed to keep the vital signs stable.

Watch YouTube Video: How to Recognize Sepsis Symptoms. This video provides a look at sepsis, why it’s dangerous and explains how to recognize the symptoms.

Thrombosis Following Blood Vessel Damage

Another potential complication of vascular injuries is the formation of blood clots, called thrombosis. When someone suffers a laceration, a blood clot forms on the surface of the skin to stop the bleeding. This same process happens if the blood vessel is damaged underneath. A clot forms to stop the vessel from bleeding. Unfortunately, in some situations, this blood clot can break off from the blood vessel and travel elsewhere in the human body. Some of the potential locations include:

  • The brain, which is called a stroke
  • The lungs, which is called a pulmonary embolism
  • The heart, which is called a myocardial infarction or a heart attack

All of these blood clots could be life-threatening. It is essential for everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms of these severe complications. Chest pain and altered mental status warrant immediate medical attention.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

These are only a few of the many complications that could arise following a blood vessel injury. After seeking appropriate medical care, it is also important for families to speak with an injury lawyer in Sacramento. An experienced attorney can help families look at the accident records, review their options, and make decisions that could help in their recovery. Do not hesitate to ask for help during this difficult time. Your family could be entitled to a substantial financial award.

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

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