Vallejo Skateboarder Suing Police Over Collision Injuries

Vallejo Skateboarder Suing Police Over Collision Injuries

Vallejo Skateboarder Suing Police Over Collision Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo auto accident lawyer. One Vallejo skateboarder’s collision with a police car that took place during an annual San Francisco downhill skating event on July 11, 2017, has spawned a lawsuit. The recently filed suit claims that the crash was due to the “malicious and reckless” actions of an officer of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

What Happened?

Anthony Economus, a resident of Vallejo who had been 19 when the event occurred, collided with an officer’s shoulder before tumbling over a police patrol vehicle and ultimately falling to the ground. Economus reportedly sustained multiple injuries including torn knee ligaments, a wrist sprain, a fractured ankle, and an open wound that required 13 stitches.

The lawsuit, which identifies the county and city, alleges that an SFPD sergeant, whose identity remains unreported, “shoulder tackled” intentionally at the skateboarding event. Multiple videos taken at the scene of the collision show that the officer walked into the path of skateboarders who had been riding downhill on Dolores Street at high speeds.

Videos show the officer leaning into the direct path of Economus just as the skateboarder approached him, which has prompted accusations claiming the actions of the officer were both excessive and intentional.

More Details

The suit claims that officers gave no warning to skateboarders or the event’s large crowd that the event was going to be shut down despite blocking the roadway with a patrol vehicle and added that officers allowed the event to take place until Economus was going down the hill.

While one SFPD spokesperson reported that Economus had been “uncooperative” and “left (the scene of the collision) of his own accord,” the suit claims that Economus was transported to the hospital by a friend while a crowd amassed on the street after the crash. Reports indicate that some of the event’s skateboarders began cursing at officers.

One officer told reporters that Economus refused assessment of his “injury or injuries” and refused to speak with officers, adding that the officer involved in the crash was receiving treatment for minor injuries.

Suing Government Entities

When suing government entities for personal injuries, California law allows a shorter window of time during which individuals are able to file their suits. While normal injury suits are able to be filed as long as two years after the date of injury, suits against government entities must be filed within 180 days.

The stated reason for this limitation is to provide agencies with notification of public safety issues. However, in practice, the limitation affords governmental parties a large advantage over those who are unaware or unable to deal with this constraint.

If you’d like to know more about claiming recompense for personal injuries from government entities, you can visit my website.

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