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Vallejo Police Urge Drivers to Avoid DUI

Vallejo Police Encourage Drivers to Avoid DUI

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, the Vallejo Police Department (VPD) issued a press release encouraging residents to avoid driving while impaired. VPD released the statement in anticipation of the Fourth of July weekend as part of an effort to cut down on the number of projected car accidents during the holiday.

VPD Speaks Out

VPD Lieutenant Michael Nichelini noted that residents are “anxious to get out” in order to “return to a sense of normalcy.” However, Nichelini indicated that this “doesn’t excuse forgetting roadway safety by driving impaired.” While many holiday events were canceled due to Covid-19, many restaurants and bars recently reopened, making Vallejo officials worried that a surge of celebration would lead to dangerous decisions.

The department’s press release also highlighted the importance of avoiding intoxicating substances other than alcohol. VPD reported that marijuana, as well as many over-the-counter drugs, can interfere with a driver’s ability to stay safe on the road. Officers reminded drivers to make sure that they always read the labels of any medications that they are taking and make sure to take warnings about drowsiness seriously.

DUI Statistics for Vallejo

According to reports from local enforcement agencies, there were 5,888 traumatic car crashes in the city of Vallejo between 2008 and the end of 2019, resulting in 98 deaths and 8,335 traumatic injuries. Out of these 5,888 crashes, 654 involved an impaired driver and 460 were primarily caused by DUI. This makes DUI the fifth most common collision factor in the city.

While DUI wasn’t the most common cause of Vallejo accidents, crashes that involved impaired drivers tended to involve more severe injuries. DUI crashes were around five times more likely to cause deadly trauma and around twice as likely to result in severe injuries.

What Makes DUI Crashes Dangerous?

DUI accidents tend to be more severe than other collisions for a couple of reasons. Drivers who are intoxicated have impaired judgment and are more likely to make dangerous decisions. This means that drunk drivers may be performing very dangerous maneuvers or driving at excessive speeds. Furthermore, impaired drivers have impacted reaction times. Because DUI motorists can’t react quickly in dangerous situations, they are less able to minimize the damage of accidents.

Calling an Attorney

The trauma caused by a car accident can be life-changing, and many families are left in a very difficult situation after collisions. In many cases, people need to pay for extensive medical care and suffer a loss of income as well.

While these concerns can feel overwhelming, it’s often possible to get help. DUI drivers are almost always considered at-fault after accidents and can usually be held financially responsible for the damages that survivors suffer. By working with a Vallejo personal injury lawyer and filing a claim against liable parties, car accident survivors can often obtain the money they need to recover and move on with their lives.

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