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Vallejo Pedestrian Safety


Vallejo Pedestrian Safety

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo personal injury lawyer. Vallejo’s local paper, the Times Herald, recently reported that the Vallejo City Council expects to receive an updated report on Tuesday night regarding the city’s plan to start a construction project on Sacramento Street that will, as its main goal, aim to improve the safety of pedestrians in the area.

The Project

The city’s plan is to reduce the current roadway from its width of four lanes to only two. After reducing the roadway, the city plans to use the extra space to add bike lanes to the road as well as plant trees. The area that the city intends to do this in is a stretch of eight blocks on Sacramento Street located between Tennessee and Virginia Streets.

The Purpose

According to statements made by the city staff, the St. Vincent Hill neighborhood initiated this project in an effort to transform Sacramento Street. During two neighborhood meeting that took place in 2016, local residents provided their ideas. The ideas of residents included narrowing Sacramento street in order to reduce traffic speeds and the amount of traffic on the street in general, planting trees in order to improve their neighborhood’s aesthetic and air quality, increasing street lighting in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians who are walking at night, and utilizing green infrastructure in order to increase the quality of stormwater.

The Cost

The city staff has estimated that an option for early implementation of the lane that would simply reduce the lane width of Sacramento street and plant trees would cost somewhere around $2 million. They also estimated that if all facets of the project were to be completed, the final cost of the plan would be somewhere between $8 and $10 million. A source of funding for the project has yet to be found and the city staff reports that they are currently looking for direction on the next steps of the proposed construction project.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are among the most serious traffic incidents that occur. Because pedestrians lack the protection that vehicles provide, pedestrians are completely vulnerable in traffic accidents and often receive serious injuries. Even slow-moving vehicles can cause critical damage to pedestrians.

Certainly, improving the infrastructure of cities is a great way to avoid pedestrian injury. However, in lieu of expensive construction projects, there are steps that pedestrians can take to mitigate their chances of traffic-related injury. Pedestrians should take great caution when crossing roadways and never assume that drivers will notice them simply because they are in a crosswalk, especially during the night. Remaining alert and walking cautiously can greatly reduce one’s risk of being struck by a vehicle.

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