Vallejo Crash Near Highway 37


Vallejo Crash Near Highway 37 Injures Two

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo car accident lawyer. In Vallejo, on Monday, January 2, 2016, two people were hospitalized at a nearby trauma center after a single-vehicle crash on a freeway in Vallejo, according to emergency officials who responded to the incident.

What Happened?

Members of the Vallejo Fire Department, Medic Ambulance, and California Highway Patrol (CHP) all responded to a report that the CHP received at just about 10 a.m. The report that CHP received indicated that a vehicle had driven off of the freeway at the exit for Highway 37 on Westbound Interstate 80.

When crews from the Vallejo Fire Department arrived, they found that the driver of a compact car had apparently lost control of their vehicle and driven off the roadway before driving into a copse of trees and coming to a stop as a result of the collision. Both the driver and passenger of the car were found trapped inside, necessitating firefighters to use a Holmatro extraction device to take the driver’s door off of the car in order to access the trapped occupants.

Extraction and Treatment

Once extracted safely from the vehicle, both of the injured persons were immediately taken by ambulance to the NorthBay Trauma Center in Fairfield. The exact nature of their injuries is, as of yet, unreleased by medical officials. CHP is also investigating possible causes of the incident, but have not said whether or not they believe the incident to be the fault of the driver or some other party.

Front-End Collisions

Front-end impacts such as this one are often the collisions that cause the most severe injuries to those involved. On some occasions, occupants of a vehicle will have enough time to brace their bodies for in order to more safely absorb the force of the impact. A braced body can mitigate injury by protecting vulnerable body parts. However, in most cases of front-end collision, there simply isn’t enough time to react.

Front-end collisions are known to result in extremely serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and, if the airbag goes off, lung damage, cardiac contusions, and fractured ribs. In many cases, front-end collisions are even deadly. Front-end collisions that occur when the vehicle in traveling in excess of 40 miles per hour almost always end up causing occupants of the vehicle catastrophic injuries.

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