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September 10, 2016
Edward Smith

Vallejo Crash Involving Dental Office

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo auto accident attorney. Two men were taken to hospitals in the Vallejo area after sustaining injuries which were the result of one of the driver’s vehicles having driven off of the road near Tennessee Street in the city of Vallejo. The specifics regarding the injuries have not been released; however, according to Vallejo Fire Department Capt. Joel Dinsdale, “neither man had obvious, outward signs of injury”.

Vehicle Veers Off Road and Flips Over

Capt. Dinsdale described the crash as happening around 9 a.m. when a 1998 Ford Mustang convertible that had been headed southbound on Admiral Callaghan Lane towards Tennessee Street veered off of the road for reasons that, at this point, remain undetermined. Capt. Dinsdale continued describing the incident by saying that the Mustang, after driving off the road near a car wash, went up a grassy knoll, flipping over at the top, and rolled into the front of a dentist’s office, landing upside down. The second injury, Capt. Dinsdale explained, occurred during the time that the car was rolling toward the Dentist’s office.

Pedestrian Hit By Rolling Vehicle

While rolling, the Mustang apparently collided with a second car, a more recent model of a Chevy Malibu, that the owner had left parked in the lot. The unmanned and stationary Chevy Malibu was then propelled by the force of the collision into a pedestrian who happened to be walking nearby, causing him to be knocked to the ground and out of the way of the rolling Mustang.

Police Investigating Why Driver Initially Veered Off the Roadway

Speculation on why the vehicle initially drove off of the road remains open at this point and potential causes of the incident include distraction while driving, driving under the influence, negligence, auto defect, and road conditions. There are reports that the driver of the Mustang, a thirty year old man and a resident of Vallejo, was disoriented and had been taken to the local hospital by ambulance in order for him to be observed and evaluated for intoxication or other impairments to his driving ability, as well as for potentially necessary medical treatments following the incident. In considering what elements of the terrain may have contributed to the accident, Dinsdale was at a loss, mentioning, “I don’t know [the cause of the accident]. There’s a hill some ways behind [the Dentist’s office], but it’s flat where he was, so I don’t understand how it happened.” Dinsdale also mentioned that the area, not far from Interstate Highway Eighty, was not an area especially known for auto crashes or one presenting any obvious extra risks or hazards to the motorist.

Vehicle A Total Loss

The fire captain also explained that the lion’s share of the damage was suffered by the Mustang, which was completely totaled as a result of the accident, while the Dentist’s office, as well as the parked Chevy Malibu, both escaped with only minor amounts of damage.

Auto Accidents in Vallejo

Last week’s auto accident in Vallejo exemplifies that these sorts of accidents can happen anywhere and sometimes without any obvious danger-causing factors at play. Any element, including the size of the vehicles involved, the time of day, and the conditions of the road due to weather, disrepair, or construction, can be enough to increase the potential for damage and injury when an accident occurs.

Vallejo Auto Accident and Pedestrian Injury Attorney

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