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Vallejo Collision Fatally Injures Driver

Vallejo Collision Causes Deadly Trauma

On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, one person suffered deadly injuries during a Vallejo collision. The Solano County Sheriff’s Department is currently withholding the name of the decedent, but have identified him as a 28-year-old resident of Portland, Oregon. California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that the incident involved a single vehicle and happened in the early morning on a local highway. An investigation into this crash is ongoing.

Crash Details

The accident occurred at around 4:40 a.m. on Highway Interstate 80 near the Highway 37 junction on the northeastern edge of the city. The Oregon man was reportedly driving a GMC Sierra westbound at a speed of around 80 miles per hour. CHP stated that the GMC made a sharp turn in order to enter the Highway 37 onramp, heading toward the gore point. As the vehicle approached the on-ramp, it veered back onto the highway, eventually overturning and rolling until coming to a stop.


The crash was promptly reported to CHP, who immediately sent responders to the scene. Upon reaching the area, responders discovered that the driver had been ejected from his vehicle as it rolled and found him lying on the highway. Tragically, medical officials pronounced the man deceased at the scene. A dog inside of the vehicle reportedly survived but was left with serious injuries. CHP reported that the dog was taken into care by Solano County Animal Control.


The vehicle reportedly came to a stop blocking three lanes of traffic. The highway remained partially closed while workers removed the wreckage and police conducted initial investigations of the accident scene. However, at this time, officers haven’t mentioned any suspected causes of this tragic collision.

In many cases, single-vehicle collisions happen due to factors not under the control of the involved driver. Things that drivers cannot control include issues with roadway pavement as well as defective vehicle parts, both of which can easily cause major accidents.

Private Investigations are Critical

Accidents can be complex, and the investigation process is often difficult. Police may have an especially difficult time understanding auto accidents when they aren’t able to take statements from the involved driver. Without driver testimony, it’s possible that police will not uncover critical evidence. Without this evidence, families are often unable to hold negligent parties responsible for their losses.

To ensure your family is able to obtain the payments that they deserve, it’s vital to have a Vallejo wrongful death lawyer conduct a private investigation into the accident. An experienced attorney can commit their resources toward making sure the accident is investigated to the fullest possible extent.

Rollovers and Liability

When vehicles overturn, the roof may not be able to withstand the impact. In these cases, the roof may crush inward, causing serious injuries. When this occurs, vehicle manufacturers are frequently considered liable and can be held responsible for wrongful death damages. However, your attorney needs to be able to determine that the vehicle’s roof was not properly made, so it’s important to preserve the wrecked vehicle as evidence.

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