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Vacaville Accident Statistics


Vacaville Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville personal injury lawyer. Vacaville is a lively and growing city. As such, there is always the risk of being involved in an injury accident while driving on Vacaville’s streets. Residents who want to know more about collisions in their city may be interested in reading some of the statistics below.

Injury Accidents by Type

According to information gathered by researchers at UC Berkeley, there were a total of 1,297 injury accidents in Vacaville from 2013 to 2016. Of these accidents, the most common, by far, were rear end and broadside accidents. These accidents accounted for 35.5 percent and 29.5 percent of injury accidents, respectively. The most common type of accident after these was hit-object accidents, which accounted for 12.6 percent of accidents. After hit-object accidents were rollover, sideswipe, head-on, and pedestrian accidents, which all came in at less than ten percent.

Accidents by Severity

The injuries sustained in these accidents were mostly recorded as complaints of pain from the individuals involved. Complaint of pain accidents accounted for seventy percent of all injury collisions. After this, accidents in which individuals had visible injuries made up 30 percent of total accidents, traumatic injuries made up about 4 percent, and collisions involving a fatality accounted for about two percent of all injury accidents.

Common Violations

Car accidents don’t always include a traffic violation. However, traffic violations can seriously increase the risk of injury collisions. In Vacaville during the last three years, the number one injury accident-causing violation was speeding. Speeding was a factor in twice as many car accidents than unsafe turning, and almost four times as many as DUI.

Pedestrian Collisions

Statistics show that, in Vacaville, pedestrian injuries happen more than twice as frequently when people are crossing the road. Additionally, the large majority of pedestrian accidents occurred in broad daylight. This means that residents of Vacaville should exercise extra care when walking across Vacaville’s roadways, no matter what the lighting conditions are. Remember to pay attention when crossing the roadway, use crosswalks when available and refrain from walking and talking on your phone or texting.

Additional Statistics

  • 73 percent of injury accidents did not happen on a state highway.
  • Saturday and Friday are the days in which accidents were most likely to occur.
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and truck collisions only accounted for about twenty percent of all injury collisions.
  • Most injury collisions, 71 percent, took place during daylight hours.
  • The person most usually injured was the driver of the vehicle.

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