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Using Augmented Reality Techniques to Help Train Truck Drivers

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October 14, 2017
Edward Smith

Using Augmented Reality Techniques to Help Train Truck Drivers

Augmented Reality Techniques for Truck Drivers

I’m Ed Smith, a Fresno truck accident lawyer. Big changes may be coming soon to the trucking industry as it employs high tech to make driving a big rig safer and more efficient. Although many people are familiar with self-driving trucks, which may be taking to the roads soon, other technology such as augmented reality is coming into use in the trucking industry.

Technology to Make Driving a Big Truck Safer

According to Transport Topics, a site dedicated to trucking news, augmented reality may be in the future for truck drivers. It can be used in areas such as the mandatory pre-trip inspections of vehicles to make inspections easier and give the driver the ability to check for needed routine maintenance or potential problems. The field of biometrics may be employed to measure whether a driver is becoming fatigued. Armbands are also under development that can be used to help prevent distracted driving because they sense the movement of the driver’s arm.

How Virtual Reality Can Be Used in Truck Driver Training

UPS began a new training program in September that uses virtual reality headsets to train its drivers. It is hoped that this new technique will lead to smarter, safer drivers. The program works in a way similar to video games. The driver puts on a headset and drives using a steering wheel to go around a simulated town. The object is for the driver to identify hazards along the way and create a sense of alertness when driving on actual roads. As an example, the virtual driver may see a ball roll into the street where it might be anticipated that a child would run into the street after it. According to UPS, their drivers are given one month of training in driving. The first week is spent at the training center, while the remaining time is spent following behind a UPS driver who is experienced. is predicting that UPS will have trained 4,000 new drivers using virtual reality by next year’s end.

Truck Drivers Should Meet These Expectations

Trucking companies have a responsibility to vet their truck drivers in such a way as to keep other motorists safe. This means that drivers must be chosen carefully to make sure they have the proper qualifications. These generally include:

  • A commercial driving license
  • Clear background checks to make sure the applicant is free of accidents either in California or in other states
  • Drivers trained in safety measures, including using a checklist to make sure the truck is in good working order
  • Drivers trained appropriately to correct any violation before each trip
  • Responsibility for keeping mandatory hours of service  to make sure they rest appropriately and avoid drowsy driving
  • Drivers are adhering to the rules such as not driving while inebriated or using drugs

Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Fresno truck accident lawyer. The trucking industry is beginning to employ new methods of training drivers, and big changes will be possible, not only in the way products are taken to market but in the training of drivers themselves. However, an accident with a big rig can cause severe injuries or the death of a loved one. If you or a family member are injured by a negligent driver, call me at (559) 377-7676 or at (800) 404-5400. My friendly, free advice is a quick call away. You can also contact me online at my website,

Over the past 35 years, my staff and I have helped many Northern Californians, including those in Fresno, get the compensation they need to get back on their feet from catastrophic injuries such as brain injury and amputation injuries or helped their family when a wrongful death claimed their loved one.

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