Urethral Rupture in an Accident

Urethral Rupture in an Accident

One of the often overlooked injuries in traumatic accidents is a urethral rupture. The urethra carries urine between the bladder and the outside world. Damage to the urethra can lead to severe reproductive and urinary problems. This can create some significant quality of life issues. A urethral rupture is only one of the many different types of injuries that someone might sustain in a traumatic event, such as a car accident. Even for those who survive a severe motor vehicle accident, there are serious injuries that could result. In some cases, these injuries can continue to lead to complications long after the accident has occurred. One example is a urethral rupture which could be a surgical emergency.

Mechanism of a Urethral Rupture

A rupture of the urethra is a serious injury. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Urinating air bubbles or blood
  • Blood at the urethral opening that constantly drips
  • Pain on urination
  • The inability to void at all

Some of the most common ways that people might suffer a urethral rupture include:

A blunt or penetrating blow to the groin can lead to a rupture of the urethra. This is commonly seen in auto accidents involving penetrating injuries or in bicycle or motorcycle accidents via a straddle injury.

Treatment of a Serious Reproductive Injury

If someone is suspected of having suffered a urethral rupture, the treatment is an emergent surgical repair. Anyone presenting with signs or symptoms of urethral damage is going to require imaging to confirm the diagnosis. This could take the form of a CT scan, an MRI, or alternative imaging modality. Then, a trained surgical professional will repair the urethra. After this, the complete recovery process will take weeks. The tissue will need time to heal, and it may take a while for normal bodily functions to return. During this time, it is important for individuals and their loved ones to have assistance.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

A urethral rupture is a potentially catastrophic injury that often requires emergent surgical repair. It is understandable that loved ones would have serious concerns about an urgent medical procedure. Family members and loved ones deserve to have these questions answered. There is where meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento can be helpful. Some of the ways that an injury lawyer can provide assistance to a family in need include:

  • Taking a look at the records of the accident, ensuring that all of the various factors have been appropriately considered.
  • Meeting with professionals who can help reconstruct the accident and analyze the mechanism.
  • Helping families seek damages related to their injuries, emotional distress, and suffering.
  • Taking a case to court if needed.

Families need to know that help is always available for those in need. Speak with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today. You and your family members might be entitled to a financial settlement.

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