Uncontrolled Vehicle Causes Accident in Target Parking Lot

Uncontrolled Vehicle Causes Accident in Target Parking Lot

An uncontrolled vehicle on December 1 at about 7:45 in the morning crashed in front of the Target at Madison Avenue and College Oak Drive and caused an injury to the driver. It was unknown at the time whether the Chevy Camaro in the collision initially came from the roadway or the parking lot. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver, reported as a resident of North Highlands, passed through approximately 50 feet of shrubbery before the traffic collision with a fire hydrant then jumped a divider, ending up in the Target parking lot. The water company had to be called to deal with the hydrant. The accident is being investigated by the CHP as to cause, but no further information has been released as of the time of this report.

Reasons a Vehicle Goes Out of Control

Single vehicle collisions happen often when a vehicle goes out of control, and surprisingly enough, it occurs most of the time when the driver is on a familiar stretch of straight road. Most accidents of this type are caused by driver error; however, outside influences can also play a role.

Malfunctions in an Auto Part

Steering wheels, the accelerator, brakes and other parts of a vehicle may either be defective or worn, which can cause an uncontrolled vehicle. Regular maintenance, including checking steering or brake fluid, is important for the owner of the vehicle or mechanic that services it. When a defective auto part causes a Sacramento runaway vehicle or accident, an experienced lawyer can help by recovering damages through a products liability lawsuit.

Road Defects

A government entity such as a city, county or state, is in charge of designing and maintaining roads so that they are safe. Potholes, upheavals, cracks, and fissures in the road can lead to an uncontrolled vehicle. Recovering financial damages from a government entity carries a much shorter time to file than other personal injury cases, so contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is important to avoid missing important deadlines.

Watch the following video as attorney Ed Smith details what happens when someone texts while driving:

Distracted Driving

A driver who is texting or talking on a phone, reaching for something or talking to passengers in the car can lose control of a vehicle and crash. Because the human brain has difficulty multitasking, certain actions such as texting are examples of visual, manual and cognitive distractions. Even taking the eyes off the road for a few seconds can cause an accident or a Sacramento uncontrolled vehicle.

Drinking and Driving

Alcohol consumption, as well as drug use, whether legal or illegal, can cause a driver to lose control of a car. This is because reflexes are adversely affected, judgment is clouded, and even vision is affected by the intoxicating effects of alcohol or drugs.

Fatigued Driving

Those who do shift work, stay out late the night before and lack sufficient sleep can be the cause of an uncontrolled vehicle. Some medications and medical problems can also contribute to drowsy driving. Some antihistamines, cold medicines, blood pressure pills, and many others can contribute to fatigued driving.

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