U-Haul Drops Sofa on U.S. 50 in Sacramento Causing Crash

U-Haul Drops Sofa on U.S. 50 in Sacramento Causing Crash

U-Haul Drops Sofa on U.S. 50 in Sacramento Causing Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. A collision occurred in South Sacramento on Saturday, July 7, when the driver of a U-Haul lost part of a load, causing a collision with another vehicle. The driver, instead of stopping as required by law, allegedly kept going. The female driver of the other vehicle was reported to have a possible spinal injury and was transported to the UC Davis Medical Center for treatment.

Accident Details

The accident happened shortly before 12:30 p.m. along westbound U.S. Route 50 just west of 65th Street, when a sofa fell from the U-Haul, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A Toyota 4Runner collided with the sofa and then went off the right-hand side of the road and overturned, landing on its roof. According to a witness, a man and woman were traveling together in the U-Haul. The witness said the people in the U-Haul knew they had lost the sofa and that a vehicle had crashed. However, they left the scene of the collision anyway.

Cargo on the Highway

Accidents caused by loose cargo falling into the roadway frequently happen, resulting in serious injuries. There are 25,000 accidents annually that occur because debris of some sort is left or falls onto the road. The severity of a collision, generally caused due to a driver’s inability to avoid the debris, is based on the speed with which a vehicle is traveling, the size and type of debris and where the object is on the road. The debris can range from mattresses falling off pickups to furniture hauled by a U-haul truck or construction pallets. Even small objects can cause serious damage because of the velocity when it strikes a vehicle or is hit by another driver. If the objects fall onto the road in front of oncoming traffic, particularly on a busy highway where vehicles have a higher speed limit, considerable damage can be done.


Federal and state laws regulate how cargo is hauled. Debris in the road caused about 51,000 collisions in 2010 and 440 fatalities. It is a good idea to notify the Highway Patrol or local police if you spot a vehicle with an unsecured load. This can help prevent an accident. Under California Vehicle Code 2803(a), it is a misdemeanor for drivers to be carrying loads that are not adequately secured. When an object falls from a vehicle because the load was improperly secured and results in an accident with injuries, the individual who was harmed has the right to claim compensation.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

In California, a driver doesn’t necessarily have to strike another vehicle for an accident to be considered a hit and run. This is referred to as a no-contact hit and run. If a driver caused the accident in any way, had knowledge that their action caused another vehicle to crash and left the scene, they can be charged with a hit and run. In the accident described above, the individuals in the U-Haul allegedly knew that furniture fell onto the roadway and that it caused another vehicle to crash. Despite this, the driver of the U-Haul continued away from the accident site without stopping. The person who was injured in the crash has the right to file a lawsuit against the driver of the U-Haul to recover personal injury damages for medical care, lost time at work and other associated costs.

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