U-Haul Box Truck Involved in U.S. 50 Accident

Accident Near the S.R. 99 Connector Blocks Two Lanes

A multiple-vehicle crash involving a U-Haul box truck occurred along westbound U.S. 50 in Sacramento on September 5. The accident involved the box truck and a Lexus sedan, and occurred around 4:34 p.m., according to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The collision happened east of the westbound S.R. 99 connector and blocked two lanes.

Accident Involving Three Vehicles Slows Highway Traffic

Sacramento Fire Department first responders arrived at the scene to assess injuries, and one of the parties involved in the multiple-vehicle crash was reported as lying in the lanes. No data was released on the extent of injuries or whether patients were transported to a hospital or treated at the scene. The Lexus sedan ended up blocking the number three lane, while the U-Haul and an additional vehicle blocked the number five lane. The collision is being investigated by the CHP.

U-Haul Box Truck Accidents

Accidents involving a U-Haul box truck or other rental vehicle are fairly common. Although box trucks are handy for those who are moving or transporting different materials, accidents between other drivers and rental trucks occur on a regular basis. Many of these collisions result in serious injuries or fatalities. Some of the reasons an accident involving a U-Haul box truck or other rental vehicle occur are:

  • A driver who is untrained in handling a U-Haul box truck or other large vehicles may not realize it has big blind spots and is more difficult to handle, which can lead to an accident.
  • Speeding in any vehicle is a bad idea but especially in an unfamiliar one such as a U-Haul box truck. The driver is more likely to lose control, the vehicle can roll if the weight inside is unevenly distributed, and it takes more time to stop one of these big trucks in an emergency.
  • Mechanical problems in the truck can lead to an accident. Although a U-Haul box truck is supposed to be kept in top condition, when brakes, steering, worn tires and other problems exist, it can cause a collision. In these cases, the company that rented the truck out may be held liable for any accident injuries or fatalities.
  • Failure to yield is a common cause of an accident involving a larger vehicle such as a U-Haul truck. Just because someone is driving a larger car or truck doesn’t mean they have the right to avoid obeying the rules of the road.
  • Making an improper turn is a common cause of a U-Haul box truck collision. Larger vehicles require more room to make a turn safely. In some cases, the vehicle may protrude into the next lane when making a turn because the driver underestimated how much space they needed.
  • Distracted driving is a major cause of all types of collisions. When a driver is accessing their GPS, changing a radio station, chatting on a cell phone, or texting, they are not focusing on the surrounding traffic.

Liability in a U-Haul Accident

The negligent driver of a U-Haul can be held liable for accident injuries they caused. Some of these claims are placed through the driver’s personal auto insurance. However, others may be through U-Haul itself if the driver opted for the SafeMove or SafeMove Plus insurance that the company offers. 

If the accident was due to improperly renting the vehicle or because of maintenance issues, the company itself can be held financially liable. An injury lawyer can negotiate for you with the appropriate insurance company or take the case to civil court if necessary to get you compensation to cover your lost wages, medical bills, and for your pain and suffering. 

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