Two-Vehicle Injury Accident Involves Hit-and-Run

Driver Flees Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Accident That Caused Injuries

A Sacramento hit-and-run injury accident occurred when two vehicles crashed together, and one driver fled the scene on November 17. The accident happened along northbound Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard just south of Fruitridge Road around 2:01 p.m. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) located the remaining vehicle on the right side of the road.

Fleeing Driver Sought in Injury Accident

The hit-and-run vehicle was described as an Acura. Paramedics with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the accident scene to assess injuries in the crash. However, it was unreported whether the injured individual received treatment at the scene or was transported to a hospital. The CHP is seeking the hit-and-run driver. 

Injury Accident Involving a Hit-and-Run Driver

Hit-and-run crashes increase every year despite hefty penalties. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • The driver does not have a valid license, so they do not want to risk losing their driving privileges. The unlicensed driver can be charged with a misdemeanor and receive a six-month jail term and a $1,000 fine.
  • The driver does not want the police to see any drugs or drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.
  • The driver is uninsured. A California driver without insurance may be fined minimally for the first offense, but their vehicle might be impounded. The second conviction results in a larger fine and the possibility of losing the car in an injury accident. It is the uninsured driver’s responsibility to pay for damages if the collision results in injuries. 
  • The motorist has been drinking and does not want to risk an arrest for drunk driving. Drinking and driving is a serious crime that carries significant penalties.
  • Panicked, the motorist flees the scene.

Accident Investigation After a Hit-and-Run

Hit-and-run accidents are investigated from several angles. Apprehending the fleeing driver is the first step. During our investigation, we ask witnesses and the injured party if they noticed any features during the injury accident that distinguished the driver or identifying details about the vehicle such as color, markings or decals. Details about the vehicle are requested, including its make, model and license plate. Even a portion of the license plate number can be helpful. 

After investigating the scene, our investigators attempt to determine what caused the injury accident. In order to establish liability our investigators use accident reconstruction techniques and obtain surveillance camera footage if possible. In addition, we carefully review police reports to ensure that they are accurate and free of errors. It is the legal team’s responsibility to take all the evidence and structure a strong claim for the client.

Paying for Damages After a Hit-and-Run Accident

There are times when a fleeing driver is apprehended, but it doesn’t always happen. When this occurs, we assist clients in obtaining compensation using their own uninsured/underinsured auto policy. Due to the high number of uninsured/underinsured drivers in California, many motorists purchase this policy as an add-on to their auto insurance. The add-on could be used even if you don’t purchase it if a member of your family did. 

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