Multiple Injuries Occur in Two-Vehicle Crash Near Isleton

Two-Vehicle Crash Near Isleton Occurs on Mokelumne River Bridge

One person suffered critical injuries, and three others were hospitalized on November 24 following a two-vehicle crash near Isleton. According to River Delta Fire District officials, the accident happened on the Mokelumne River Bridge east of Brannan Island Road. The accident occurred along the west side of the bridge for unknown reasons. 

Authorities Investigating Cause of Two-Vehicle Crash Near Isleton

Five people were involved in the collision. Four were taken to a hospital for treatment, with one of those persons transported by air. Authorities are investigating the collision to determine how it occurred.

Investigation of an Accident

When a two-vehicle crash near Isleton occurs, an investigation has to be conducted to determine which driver was at fault. In this way, those who suffered injuries can place a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical costs caused by the accident are recoverable, including the fee for the ambulance, hospitalization, physicians’ bills, tests, surgeries and others. In addition, rehabilitative care is covered. If the injury has not been resolved when the time comes to settle, the additional cost of medical care is included.
  • Wages that the injured person loses because of their inability to work due to the accident can be recovered. Included in the category of lost wages are also tips, bonuses and the value of lost insurance and pension coverage. If the individual cannot perform their job when they return and have to take less pay, the salary difference is included. For total disability, the injured party can recover their wages until they would have reached retirement age.
  • Pain and suffering compensation includes the physical and emotional trauma, such as anxiety and depression, suffered as a result of the accident.

An Injury Accident Compensation Claim

For a compensation claim to be successful, evidence against the at-fault driver must be gathered. Our investigators take the following steps to gather that evidence:

  • The police report of the two-vehicle crash near Isleton must be reviewed carefully to ensure that mistakes will not affect the compensation claim.
  • An investigation of the collision involves interviewing witnesses. Statements are taken from them on how they saw the collision occur. It is also possible for some of them to have recorded the accident while it was occurring with their cell phones.
  • Checks are conducted on traffic cameras in the area to see if any evidence of the accident is visible and was captured on film. If there is evidence that the accident was recorded, a subpoena can be served on the record.
  • During an accident reconstruction, information is collected about where the vehicles were at the time of impact and how they collided.

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