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October 26, 2022
Edward Smith

Two People Injured in Highway 29 Two-Vehicle Crash

A two-vehicle crash in Napa County near Yountville on October 21 caused the hospitalization of two people. The accident happened on Highway 29 northbound near Hoffman Lane around 9:05 p.m. One of the people involved in the collision suffered major injuries, and two were transported to a hospital. 

Alleged Speeding Driver Causes Two-Vehicle Accident

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a Sonoma resident, age 36, was allegedly speeding in a Jeep Cherokee when the driver caused a rear-end collision with a Fairfield resident, age 60, who was driving a Chevy Suburban. The impact of the collision made the Chevy driver lose control and enter Washington Street, striking a fence and utility pole. Both injured men were transported by ambulances to Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center. 

Investigation Under Way to Determine Cause of Two-Vehicle Accident

The driver of the Jeep suffered major injuries. The older man in the Suburban was reported with moderate trauma. An investigation into the collision is ongoing by the CHP.

Causes of a Two-Vehicle Crash

There are many possible causes of two-vehicle crashes with injuries, although most of them are due to a negligent driver. Some of the most common causes of an accident involving two vehicles include:

  • Distracted driving – Being distracted by a cell phone, radio or other objects are more likely to cause a crash.
  • Tailgating – A tailgater often doesn’t have time to avoid a collision if the driver in front slows down. This is a common cause of two-vehicle accidents.
  • Impaired driving – Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to cause a crash.
  • Speeding – Drivers who are speeding are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and be involved in an accident.
  • Defective auto parts – A defect in an auto part, such as the brakes or steering, can lead to a two-vehicle crash. When this happens, an auto product liability claim may be placed against the parts designer, manufacturer and others with the help of an injury lawyer.
  • Poor road conditions – If the roads are icy or full of potholes, this can increase the chances of an accident. If road conditions cause a two-vehicle crash, the government entity responsible for maintenance can be held responsible. The statute of limitations for filing such a claim is six months. An accident attorney can help with the paperwork and ensure time limits for filing are met.

If you have been involved in a two-vehicle accident with injuries, it is important to seek medical attention right away. You may also want to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer who can help you understand your legal options. The lawyer can investigate your accident to determine fault, collect the evidence needed to support your injury claim and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. In this way, you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

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