Update | Two-Vehicle Crash in Fresno County Results in Multiple Casualties

Jefferson Avenue Intersection Crash Killed One and Injured Seven

A two-vehicle crash in Clovis in Fresno County on December 21 caused a fatality and injuries to three adults and four minors. The accident occurred at the Jefferson Avenue intersection with Clovis Avenue around 10:00 a.m. When officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived at the scene, they determined that the driver of a Chevy Malibu was going south along Clovis Avenue. 

Authorities Determining How the Two-Vehicle Crash Happened

At this time, a Mercedes Benz, carrying three adults and four minors, was either going north on Clovis or making a U-turn. Alternately, the vehicle may have been on Jefferson Avenue, where it passed into a direct path with the Chevy. The Mercedes was struck in a T-bone collision with the Chevy, which caused critical to major injuries to everyone inside. 

Seven People Transported to Hospital With Injuries

Officials declared one party, Rajwinder Kaur, 44, deceased at the accident scene. Two minors riding in the Mercedes are in critical condition, while the other two had major injuries. All were transported to a hospital and were under four years of age. 

Fire Crews Extricate Two People Trapped Inside Their Vehicle

Crews with the Fresno County Fire Department had to extricate the two adults from the Mercedes. The Chevy driver sustained major injuries. A preliminary investigation into the cause of the two-vehicle crash determined that neither alcohol nor drugs factored into the cause of the accident. 

Vehicle Was Overloaded

Authorities determined that the Mercedes driver may have committed an error because the vehicle was carrying two people too many, and several of the minors who were injured did not have car seats. Authorities are uncertain whether the children were seated or riding in the laps of several of the adults. Fog did not appear to factor into the cause of the accident. 

CHP Stresses Safety Measures

Helicopters could not be used to transport those who were injured due to the fog. As a result of the accident, the CHP stressed the importance of having seatbelts and car seats for those riding in a vehicle and to have the car’s headlights turned on during foggy weather to improve visibility.

Investigation of a Two-Vehicle Crash

By conducting an independent investigation into the cause of a two-vehicle accident, it may be determined which driver was at fault. In this way, those who were injured or whose family members died in the crash may file a personal injury or wrongful death claim to recover damages. Some of the areas in which we conduct an investigation include:

  • Accident reconstruction determines how cars collided in a two-vehicle crash.
  • Witnesses to the accident can supply important information.
  • Investigators look over the police report to determine its accuracy.
  • Surveillance cameras in the area are examined to see if the collision was captured on tape.

When the evidence is gathered, our accident attorneys take over to use it in constructing a strong personal injury or wrongful death claim so that compensation can be recovered. Although it won’t ease your pain or grief, by recovering damages, financial distress can be avoided.

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