Two-Vehicle Collision in North Highlands Blamed on Drunk Driving

Accident at Intersection of Hillsdale and Elkhorn Boulevard Causes Injuries

A two-vehicle collision occurred near North Highlands on February 4 around 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of Hillsdale and Elkhorn boulevards in the Foothill Farms area of the city. When officers of the  California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived on the scene, they witnessed two individuals leaving the two-vehicle collision site. Both individuals heeded the officer’s demand to stay. At this point, one person remained trapped in their vehicle but was removed prior to the arrival of Sac Fire. 

Additional Information About the Two-Vehicle Collision

One person involved in the crash was transferred to a local hospital with what were described as non-life-threatening injuries. According to a CHP representative, one individual was given a field sobriety test and was taken into custody for driving under the influence. There was no further information issued about the nature of the injured individual at the time of this report. 

Driving While Inebriated

Drivers who are inebriated when they take to the road are incapable of practicing safe driving practices. In 2018, over 10,000 people died due to a drunk driver. This behavior is reckless and illegal, yet, many individuals continue to engage in it despite the threat of fines and jail time. 

Why Is Drunk Driving So Dangerous?

There are several reasons why drunk driving is dangerous:

  • A driver’s ability to reason appropriately is impaired by alcohol consumption.
  • The motorist who drinks and drives has slowed reflexes, which hamper their ability to react to obstacles in the road, pedestrians, or another motorist in time to avoid a two-vehicle collision.
  • Drunk driving affects a motorist’s ability to track items visually, such as moving vehicles and the position of their own car or truck. 
  • An impaired driver’s vision can become blurred due to a slowing of eye muscles and the altering of visual perception and eye movement. Color perception and night vision may also be affected. It might also cause the driver to take longer to recover from glare.
  • Hand and foot movement can be impaired by drunk driving. This causes a lessening of coordination.
  • Concentration is affected by inebriated driving. This leads to distraction and the potential for a two-vehicle collision. 

How to Notice Druck Drivers

There is no sure-fire way to recognize a drunk driver on the road. However, looking for warning signs may make your driving experience safer. Some of the more frequent signs of a drunk driver are:

  • The inability to monitor their speed makes it harder for everyone on the road. This includes driving too slow or too fast. 
  • Since a drunk driver’s reflexes are slow and they are often distracted, they frequently overshoot or stop short of traffic lights and signs.
  • Often, the drunk driver will not use headlights or will keep their bright lights on.
  • Since the drunk driver has difficulty positioning his or her vehicle properly, they will often weave in and out of a lane, drive down the center of the road or straddle adjacent lanes. 
  • Drunk drivers will not always use turn signals. This can lead to confusion and a two-vehicle collision.

Liability in a Drunk Driving Accident

In order to determine liability, a law firm’s investigative team must unearth evidence that proves fault. Our firm dispatches our investigators to do just that. They perform the following:

  • Observe the area where the accident happened for lack of visibility due to unclear road markings or hidden signs. 
  • Interview witnesses to the crash who provide invaluable information.
  • Obtain video footage of the two-vehicle collision from traffic surveillance cameras.
  • Review police reports that are often used to prove liability in insurance company negotiations or in court for mistakes.
  • Review charges against a drunk driver that can help prove liability. It is also important to see if the at-fault driver had prior instances of driving under the influence.
  • Provide this and other data to the legal team who use it to build a strong case against the at-fault driver.

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