Two-Vehicle Collision Causes Five Injuries in Rio Linda

Elkhorn Boulevard Accident Results in Rollover and Multiple Injuries

A two-vehicle collision in Rio Linda involving a rollover caused injuries to five people on February 26. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and emergency responders with Sac Metro Fire arrived at the accident scene at Elkhorn Boulevard and 28th Street around 3:15 in the afternoon. They discovered that one of the vehicles had experienced a rollover in the crash and was lying on its side. Fortunately, no extraction was required, but an additional medic was summoned to help with the injured. 

Mass Casualty Incident Declared in Rio Linda Crash Two-Vehicle Collision

The westbound lanes of Elkhorn Boulevard were completely closed down due to the collision. This forced traffic to use eastbound Elkhorn or go onto 28th Street northbound by turning around. Because of the high number of injuries, a mass casualty incident was declared, but there were no fatalities reported. Sacramento Fire transported five patients to nearby hospitals. None were reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries. 

Multiple Casualties in Car Accidents

When car accidents result in multiple casualties, it is incumbent on rescue services to provide adequate coverage. In smaller cities and towns, this may tax local resources. In larger cities, rescue services may be challenged depending on the type of crash. For instance, in a highway crash involving multiple vehicles, the layout of the cars may be such that access to the injured is limited. Also, if car fires erupt due to fuel spills, access for rescue vehicles may be further limited.

In the end, this lack of access can result in a poorer outcome for the injured party. In many injuries, the time it takes to transport an injured person to the hospital is critical in terms of survival. 

Rollover Accidents and Catastrophic Injury

Rollover accidents are often catastrophic. This is due to injuries occupants suffer during the rollover process. One of the most lethal is called roof crush. This is basically a structural defect due to manufacturing negligence. When the infrastructure of the vehicle is unable to withstand the weight of the car, the roof will crush in on the occupants, causing severe head and neck injury. 

The federal government mandates that manufacturers build vehicles that can withstand three and one-half times the weight of the vehicle. When this rule is not adhered to, a product liability lawsuit can be filed if someone is injured due to this negligence. It is important for the vehicle to be preserved after a rollover accident since this allows investigators to examine it for structural defects.

Ejection From the Vehicle

Another problem seen with rollover accidents is occupant ejection from the vehicle. This usually happens when the person is not wearing a seatbelt or if the restraint is defective. If a defect exists, the restraint may give way during the rollover, expelling the person out of the vehicle. The fatality rate for someone thrown from a vehicle subsequent to a rollover is high.

Investigating a Two-Vehicle Collision

At our firm, we send our investigators to the scene of the accident. Once they arrive, they examine the site for telltale signs of negligence. This can include road defects that led to the crash. The investigators also examine the vehicles for defects, including poor manufacturing, brake, steering, and design failure. 

Witnesses are also interviewed and videos of the accident are obtained from traffic surveillance cameras and security devices on local businesses. In some instances, a witness videotaped the accident on their cell phone. Our investigators also review police reports for errors and perform accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability. Once these tasks are completed, the investigators provide all the data to our legal team to build a strong case against the at-fault party.

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