Two Terrible Crashes in One Day on Same Eureka Street

Two Awful Accidents on Broadway in Eureka 

On Friday, October 8, 2021, there were two traffic accidents in the city of Eureka, California – one resulted in critical injuries to a pedestrian, the other, only an hour later and on the same road, killed a bicyclist.

Pedestrian Hit on the 3300 Block of Broadway

At approximately 8:12 p.m., calls regarding the first incident came in. Eureka Police Department officers were dispatched to the 3300 block of Broadway near the Bayshore Mall due to reports of a pedestrian accident that involved multiple vehicles.

In addition to the police, a Humboldt Bay ambulance responded to the scene. They provided emergency medical care to the male pedestrian on the scene who had sustained critical injuries. He was transported to the hospital. The pedestrian was described as being in his 30s, white, with reddish-brown facial hair.

One witness reportedly told Eureka Police officers that he had seen the man dart into the road and into traffic prior to being hit by three vehicles. 

Man Was Struck by Three Vehicles and Critically Injured

The preliminary investigation revealed that it was likely the pedestrian had been struck by three separate vehicles, one of which was traveling north and two others that were traveling south. All three vehicle drivers stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities. They were evaluated for indications of DUI, but impairment was determined to have not been a factor in this incident.

One Hour Later – Bicyclist Killed on Same Road

Only an hour or so later, at approximately 9:15 p.m., officers from the Eureka Police Department were called to the intersection of West Henderson Street and Broadway based on reports of a collision between a semi-truck and a bicycle. When they arrived at the scene, authorities found a male bicyclist in the roadway. Life-saving measures were attempted. There were also various personal items scattered throughout the roadway. The man was transported to the hospital by Humboldt Bay Fire and City Ambulance, where he was pronounced dead. The man was later identified as a 49-year-old resident of Eureka named Michael Wray Robinson.

The driver of the big rig remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities. He submitted to voluntary sobriety tests and was not found to be under the influence

This stretch of road is notoriously dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Investigators Seek Witnesses in Both Incidents

Investigation into both incidents remains open. Any witnesses to either of the aforementioned incidents or anyone who has information as to the identity of the pedestrian hit in the earlier accident is asked to get in touch with the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060.

Broadway – A Dangerous Road for Pedestrians?

Some Eureka residents are calling for change and seeking infrastructure improvements to make Broadway safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. According to some reports, at least ten people have been killed on the street in the last ten years. Additionally, at least 14 other people have been seriously injured in pedestrian and bicycle accidents on Broadway during that same time period.

Busy roads that are near commercial centers, such as in this case, are often dangerous as pedestrians attempt to cross in heavy traffic to get to business and shopping centers.

Watch the YouTube video. The clip below documents a drive around the Broadway area of Eureka.

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Photo: by Ryan Pouncy on Unsplash

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