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Two People Injured in Lemon Hill Intersection Crash

Intersection Crash at 47th Avenue Sends Two People to the Hospital

An intersection crash in the Lemon Hill area of Sacramento on July 28 sent two people to the hospital. The accident happened around 4:16 in the afternoon at 47th Avenue and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard between a Dodge and a pickup truck. The accident blocked the intersection, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and first responders arrived at the scene when injuries were called in because of the crash.

Impaired Driving May Have Been Factor in the Crash

Two people were transported to Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center. According to the police report by the CHP, either alcohol or drug consumption may have been a factor in the intersection crash. An investigation into the cause of the accident is being conducted by the CHP.

Intersection Crash Statistics

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 50 percent of all accidents occur at intersections. Of this number, 40 percent are defined as serious collisions, and 20 percent are described as fatal crashes. Red-light runners cause 165,000 accidents and between 700 and 800 fatalities annually. 

Driver Error Major Cause of Intersection Accidents

Close to 100 percent of intersection accidents are due to some form of driver error. The most common ones are:

  • Drivers need to look both ways several times before proceeding through the intersection. Failure to do this accounts for 44 percent of intersection accidents. 
  • Some drivers move through an intersection despite obstructed views. 
  • Others falsely determine what another driver will do. It is impossible to do this adequately.
  • Motor vehicle operators often make illegal moves in an intersection such as making a U-turn where it is prohibited.
  • Drivers may not correctly determine the speed of another vehicle in the intersection. This gives them a false belief that they can make a turn before the driver reaches them. 
  • Driving distracted is a leading cause of intersection accidents.

Promoting Intersection Safety

Not all intersections are equal, and some are safer than others. Strategies that help increase intersection safety in the short- or long-term are being employed in many areas of the country. Some steps that can be taken are:

  • Increase safety by ensuring that signage and traffic lights are visible to the motorist. This can help keep drivers and other road users safe.
  • Provide a separate left-turn lane for drivers. This also improves traffic flow.
  • Make sure the intersection is designed correctly to avoid automobile, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.
  • Ensure that traffic signals are timed correctly. This prevents traffic jams and makes it less likely a driver will run a red light.
  • Make sure all intersections have either a stop sign or a traffic signal. Letting motorists traverse the intersection without controls leads to more collisions.
  • Maintain the intersection by cutting down overhanging branches and removing other obstructions that make it difficult for the driver to see signage or oncoming traffic.

Investigation of an Intersection Crash

Because traffic flows into an intersection from multiple directions, determining the cause of an accident and who is at fault is important. Our investigators go to the site of the intersection crash to gather the evidence necessary to support a client’s compensation claim. They perform accident reconstruction, search for cameras that may have captured the accident in real-time and talk to the witnesses. 

In addition, they review the police report for mistakes and check for evidence of government negligence. This can include a malfunctioning traffic signal, overgrown shrubbery, potholes and other problems. Our lawyers use this gathered information to build a strong case to support our client’s claim.

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