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Two Pedestrians Injured by Hit and Run Driver in Sacramento

Two Pedestrians Injured by Hit and Run Driver in Sacramento

On October 10, two pedestrians were injured when they were struck by a hit and run driver in Sacramento. The mother and her son were in the Florin area crossing the street at Florin Woods Drive and 66th Avenue when the accident occurred shortly before 8:30 in the morning. The driver fled the scene, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The mother called the accident into the police to report it, and emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess their injuries. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to find out how it happened. The driver, when found, may face felony charges for the hit and run.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians can be struck and injured by a negligent motorist anywhere, but these types of accidents are common at intersections. Designated intersections that contain crosswalks and lights for pedestrians can help, but are not always convenient since walkers may have to go several blocks further to find one. However, negligent drivers who are guilty of the following acts often cause injuries to pedestrians:

  • A motorist makes a turn without looking for a pedestrian crossing.
  • A driver ran a red light or stop sign.
  • A speeding motorist cannot stop in time to avoid striking a walker.
  • The driver is distracted by texting or talking on a cellphone and does not notice pedestrians crossing the street.
  • The driver ignores the pedestrian signal or starts ahead while someone is still in the crosswalk.
  • The driver is in a large SUV or has the vehicle raised, so they cannot see a smaller person or child crossing in front.

Uninsured Motorist 

The police and your attorney will work hard to find the fleeing driver. If they are not apprehended, people wonder who will be responsible for paying damages. If the pedestrian has uninsured motorist coverage as part of their car insurance policy, their own insurance will pay. Uninsured motorist protection covers the policyholder whether they are driving, walking or riding a bicycle when the accident occurs. This will not make the person’s insurance rate increase. In cases where the pedestrian does not have uninsured motorist protection, they are still covered if a family member residing with them has it. 

Seeking Advice From a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer experienced in handling pedestrian accidents can help an injured person obtain the compensation they deserve. Pedestrian accidents often cause serious injuries because of the walker’s lack of protection against a motor vehicle. When your attorney conducts their own investigation, a strong case can be built against the offending party. This helps the injured person obtain compensation to pay for their lost wages, medical costs, including out-of-pocket expenses, and for their pain and suffering.

Conducting an Accident Investigation

Our investigators immediately head to the accident site to look for evidence before it is covered up or disappears. This includes checking for mistakes in the police report and interviewing the witnesses. The investigators can perform accident reconstruction and look for nearby businesses and traffic cameras that might have caught the accident on tape. They look for road damage such as tire marks or gouges in the pavement that can indicate whether or not the driver attempted to stop. Upon completion of the investigation, all of the evidence is handed over to our lawyers to build a case. This information can be used either to hold negotiations with the insurance company or to prepare a strong case for compensation in civil court.

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

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