Two Motorcyclists Die Near Dixon

Two Motorcyclists Die Near Dixon

Two Motorcyclists Die Near Dixon

Two Motorcyclists Die Near Dixon

I’m Ed Smith, a Dixon Motorcycle accident lawyer. Two motorcyclists were involved in a traffic collision and lost their lives Saturday, May 21, 2016.

What Happened?

  • According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) at about 6:45 p.m., officers received a call of a crash involving a car and two motorcycles.
  • The crash occurred on the highway near Hay Road in an unincorporated area of Solano County.
  • Two motorcyclists had been struck by a car.
  • The car was making a left-hand turn from Highway 113.
  • Firefighters arrived on the scene and tried to medically assist the injured motorcyclists, officials said.
  • CHP reported that a 36-year-old woman from Vacaville was driving a 2010 Dodge Charger, heading northbound along Highway 113, coming up on Hay Road.
  • Around the same time, a 29-year-old man was proceeding southbound along Highway 113 aboard his 2012 Kawasaki motorcycle, coming up on Hay Road.
  • Additionally, a 45-year-old woman was also proceeding southbound along the highway on her 2013 Yamaha motorcycle.
  • Both motorcyclists were said to be traveling at about 55 miles per hour.

Motorist Failed to Yield Right of Way to Motorcyclists

The driver of the Dodge Charger reduced her speed to make a left turn onto Hay Road. For reasons unknown, she failed to yield the right of way to the two oncoming motorcyclists, according to authorities.

The two motorcyclists then crashed into the front of the Dodge Charger. Unfortunately, the collision caused the motorcyclists to be ejected from the bikes, according to the CHP.

Both Motorcyclists Fatally Injured

Sadly, both motorcyclists were pronounced dead at the crash scene.

The Vacaville woman driving the Dodge Charger and a male occupant in her vehicle were both transported to the hospital and have since been released, according to CHP officials.

Motorcycle Crashes Involving Left Turning Vehicles

I’ve talked to many experienced motorcyclists that have had the feeling of being “invisible” to other motorists on the highway.  Speculations abound as to why motorists seem to have a problem seeing motorcyclists in their midst. Some reports indicate that motorcycles “blend in” to backgrounds more so than trucks and cars; other studies claim that motorcycles are less conspicuous due to a driver’s attention more typically drawn to larger vehicles.

Whatever triggers this “invisibility,” one situation where it is most apparent is in left turn accidents. This occurs when drivers traveling in the opposite direction of a motorcyclist decides to suddenly make a left-hand turn right in front of them. This gives the motorcyclist little or no time at all to react.

Sadly, after these collisions, motorists will simply state, “I did not see the motorcyclist.”

Left Hand Turn Statistics and Motorcyclist Fatalities

Statistics show that about 30 to 40 percent of all motorcyclist fatalities happen as a result of this kind of crash. When you factor in that the motorcyclist may be traveling at full cruising speed when this type of crash happens, even those impacts that aren’t fatal sometimes result in catastrophic injuries.

Did Alcohol or Drugs  Cause the Accident?

No. According to the CHP, drugs and/or alcohol were not a factor in the traffic collision.

The accident remains under investigation.

The woman driving the Dodge Charger failed to yield to the motorcyclists when making a left turn. She has not been cited.

The district attorney will have to make a decision about filing charges or not.

Dixon Motorcycle Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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