Two Fatalities After Highway 99 Collision in Sacramento

Two Fatalities After Highway 99 Collision in Sacramento

Two Fatalities After Highway 99 Collision in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. A two-vehicle collision in the early hours of June 7, 2018, ended with the death of two men. The driver of the other vehicle was transported to a hospital for treatment. No word has been released yet on his identity or medical condition. The accident happened along northbound Highway 99 and caused lanes in both directions to be closed down for several hours. I want to extend my sympathy and prayers to the families of the men who died in the crash and to the other injured driver with the hope that his injuries will heal soon.

What Happened

The collision occurred at about 2:00 in the morning close to Mack Road when a Toyota and Honda collided. The impact caused the Toyota to roll over, ending up on its roof in a ditch.

Watch YouTube Video – 2 People Dead After Crash on Highway 99. Learn more information about the fatal crash in South Sacramento that claimed the lives of two men.

Conflicting Details

Stories being released from news agencies are somewhat conflicting over how the two men were killed. One account is that the two men in the Honda exited their vehicle to see if they could help the person who was in the overturned Toyota. At this point, their Honda was struck by a third vehicle, forcing it into the men who were standing nearby, killing them both. The other account is that one of the men in the Honda was ejected from the vehicle and died, as reported by a representative of the California Highway Patrol. No explanation was given for the other man who was fatally injured in the collision.

Road Closure for Two Hours

During the cleanup and investigation into the cause of the accident, most of the roadway remained closed except for one lane. Although this caused the traffic to slow, the early morning hours that the accident happened helped relieve some of the roadway congestion. The road was reopened at about 4:00 a.m.

Recoverable Damages in a Wrongful Death

Although nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one, compensation can be sought to recover the expenses and financial loss by the family by filing a claim for wrongful death. The types of compensation that may be recovered are as follows:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of the income the decedent provided, which is calculated on life and work expectancy
  • Mental anguish and sorrow that can include the loss of guidance, companionship, and comfort
  • Loss of consortium by the spouse or partner
  • Inheritance lost through the untimely death of the individual
  • Benefits loss, which can include pension, health insurance, and others
  • Loss of household services such as child care, lawn care, activities performed with the children, etc.
  • Mental anguish, which is referred to as pain and suffering

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Contacting a Wrongful Death Lawyer

California wrongful death accidents are unfortunately common. Contacting an experienced wrongful death lawyer can be a good idea. An attorney can advise the family of their rights in obtaining compensation for their terrible loss, and prepare the documentation necessary to recover damages.

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