Two Fairfield Residents Suffer Major Crash Injuries

Two Fairfield Residents Suffer Major Crash Injuries – Officers from the Fairfield Police Department (FPD) reported that a serious accident took place in Fairfield during the evening of Thursday, November 1, 2018. Officers stated that the collision involved only one vehicle and left two people with injuries. Medical officials indicated that both injured individuals suffered life-threatening trauma. Both individuals were taken to a nearby hospital following the accident, and the latest updates indicated that they both remained in critical condition. The names of the injured individuals have not yet been released to the public. The pair were only identified as a 33-year-old male and 43-year-old woman, both residents of Fairfield.

Crash Details

Reports stated that a vehicle had been driving along Clay Bank Road approaching the intersection of Quail Drive at around 5:25 p.m. Officers noted that they believe the vehicle had been traveling at a high rate of speed. For unknown reasons, the vehicle veered off of the roadway while navigating the intersection. After leaving the road, the car reportedly struck a traffic signal pole, causing major vehicle damage and trapping the driver and passenger inside the wreckage.


Emergency responders from the Fairfield Fire Department and FPD both responded to the collision. Once they arrived, responders found that the two vehicle occupants had been severely injured and quickly began working on extricating them from their wrecked car. After completing the extrication, responders had the pair rushed by ground ambulance to the nearest trauma center.


The intersection of Clay Bank Road and Quail Drive was shut down following the accident while investigators gathered evidence and workers cleaned dangerous debris off of the roadway. So far, speed is the only factor authorities have said they believe was involved. FPD investigators say that they are still investigating the crash and have asked that anyone who has information about the accident contact them in order to help. Callers should contact the FPD Traffic Unit by using the non-emergency telephone number (707) 428-7524.

Serious Injuries

Vehicle accidents have the potential to leave people with injuries that drastically affect their lives. For many, an accident injury means a long process of recovery and rehabilitation as well as serious emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, and more. All of this can mean having to take time off work or even being unable to perform a job altogether, which can make paying necessary medical costs seem impossible.

Because of these difficulties, those injured in crashes often can claim repayment from responsible parties and their insurers through a “personal injury claim.” These claims can provide injured people with money to pay for medicine, therapy, and many other damages. However, the types of damages that can be recovered are various and differ depending on the case. To get important information about seeking recompense for auto accident injuries, get in touch with a Fairfield personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able to.

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Two Fairfield Residents Suffer Major Crash Injuries: Ed Smith

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