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Two Die and Others Critical in Multiple Vehicle Crash on I-80

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September 26, 2017
Edward Smith


Two Die, Others Critical in Multiple Vehicle Crash on I-80

Interstate 80 heading westbound in North Sacramento, was the site of a nightmarish multiple-vehicle crash on September 22 that ended with the death of two people and left two others in critical condition. North Sacramento California Highway Patrol investigators are unsure whether drugs or alcohol use was a factor in the crashes.

I want to extend my prayers and sympathy to those who lost family members and injured accident victims with the hope for their full recovery.

What Happened

The collisions began when a Hyundai Sonata suddenly became disabled and stopped in the lane farthest right side of the road near the off-ramp for Madison Avenue when a wrecker towing an Accord hit it in the rear. The collision caused the Hyundai to be pushed into the first lane of the highway. At this point, a Toyota struck the tow vehicle on its left side.

Second Collision

An individual in a Dodge pickup pulled over and stopped to assist the crash victims and assist police officers who had arrived at the scene. A second collision was caused when two vehicles, a Camaro and a Dodge van, crashed into the rear of the Dodge pickup, with another car sustaining minor damage. This collision caused the Camaro to burst into flames. In total, seven vehicles were involved in the two crashes. In addition, the accident scene created such confusion and so many gawkers who slowed down along I-80 eastbound that another collision occurred on that side of the highway. Several lanes of I-80 heading west were closed for about four hours while the crash investigation proceeded.

Accident Deaths and Injuries

According to reports, Bennie Harriel, 62, and Tayarrie Hatchett-Sims, Harriel’s 15-year-old grandson, died in the crash. Ms. Harriel was driving the Hyundai. The two accident victims listed in a condition described as critical are a friend of Hatchett-Sims, a passenger in the Hyundai, and the individual driving the Dodge van. One of the individuals who was struck by the wrecker was reported as having injuries described as moderate. A vigil was planned for the crash victims Saturday night.

Multiple Vehicle Crashes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, highway multiple-vehicle fatalities in 2015 increased by approximately 11.2 percent. Alternately, there was an increase of only 4.2 percent in single-vehicle collisions. Due to advancements in vehicular interior safety, fatalities inside motor vehicles has decreased. However, the number of fatalities outside of the vehicle has increased. While this includes pedestrians and motorcyclists, it also includes people outside an accident scene. Approximately 33 percent of all fatalities are seen in multiple-vehicle crashes instead of single-vehicle accidents.

Causes of Multiple Vehicle Crashes

Multiple vehicle crashes happen more frequently on roads with higher speed limits. Because of the congestion found on such roads, particularly during times of high travel, motorists do not have room to get away from the initial crash site, leading to more accidents. In addition, wet or slippery roads are a primary reason multi-car collisions happen.

Reasons Injuries and Fatalities Occur

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 25 percent of fatalities are from side crash collisions since they lack the protection and crumple zone in the vehicle’s rear and front. Car fires, common in multiple vehicle crashes, extend the risk for injuries.

Types of Injuries in Multiple Crashes

Depending on many factors, some injuries are more common in multiple-vehicle crashes. They are:

Wrongful Death

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