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Why Truckers Rear End other Motor Vehicles

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January 29, 2015
Edward Smith

Truckers are often involved in preventable rear end collisions.  If a driver is professionally trained, one of the most important issues stressed in training is keeping  a safe distance between the truck

and the vehicle ahead at all times.



Sometimes, there are obstructions on a roadway hidden by the top of a hill or by a curve. A professional driver should be prepared for such obstructions as they occur from time to time and are


When driving at night, a driver’s headlights should illuminate the area in front of him and a driver should be able to stop a truck within the distance illuminated by the headlights.


Some important questions a jury should determine in a truck rear end accident are:


– Did the truck driver keep a safe following distance at all times?


-Did the driver observe traffic in front of him carefully, slowing down when necessary?


– Did the truck driver misjudge the rate of overtaking?


– Was the truck too close to the vehicle in front when trying to pass that vehicle?


-Did the truck driver leave sufficient room for a passing vehicle to get safely get back on the road?


In every accident involving a truck, a trucking accident expert should be retained as well as an experienced accident reconstructionist.


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