Trucker Hit by Kia on Shoulder of Interstate 80

Trucker Hit by Kia on Shoulder of Interstate 80

Trucker Hit by Kia on Shoulder of Interstate 80

I’m Ed Smith, a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. A truck driver sustained injuries when he was hit by another car while attending to his box truck on the shoulder of Interstate 80 on April 8, 2018. This crash occurred just after 12:30 in the afternoon along eastbound I-80 near Antelope Road in the Citrus Heights area.  The truck driver was loading his vehicle along the side of the freeway with his hazard lights turned on when he was struck by a gray Kia sedan. The Kia sustained significant damage in the front end and right side. The injured truck driver was transported to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center for medical care, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). A SigAlert was issued because of a lane closure caused by the accident. No word has been released on the condition of the truck driver or whether occupants of the Kia were injured in the crash.

Car Accidents Involving Disabled Vehicles

It is not uncommon for accidents to happen between vehicles pulled to the side of the road. If it is necessary to move off the highway, the driver should avoid obstructing traffic by getting as far to the right as possible on a stretch of roadway free of curves. The vehicle’s flasher lights should be turned on. This is best done during the daylight hours since at night other drivers may think your car is moving. At night, the use of reflective markers behind the car lets other motorists know that the car is disabled. Hanging a white colored cloth out of the driver’s side window also helps, and turning on the interior dome light does too.  

What to Do If a Vehicle Breaks Down on the Highway

There are times when a vehicle stops due to a mechanical or product defect or a flat tire. Because of this, it might be impossible for the driver to get the vehicle on the side of the road without getting out and physically pushing it. The National Safety Council has the following recommendations on what should be done to avoid a collision and serious injuries:

  • At the first sign of trouble, a driver should remove his or her foot from the accelerator, and coast toward the side of the road. While moving over, the driver should engage the signals or safety lights to let others know there is a problem.
  • Repairing a flat is dangerous, especially if it is on the side of the vehicle facing traffic. It is better to call for help by dialing 511 for the Freeway Service Patrol in Sacramento and other areas of California. The latter service is for non-emergency services only.
  • It is important not to stand around the vehicle. Drivers are urged to get inside, lock the door and wait for help. It is recommended that drivers still use seat restraints in the event of a crash.

Driver Responsibility

Drivers need to look for a car or truck disabled in a traffic lane or by the side of the road with its hazard light activated to avoid accidents. Large vehicles may be harder to see, particularly at night, because of their height, giving a false impression that the vehicle is still moving. Distracted drivers are often unaware a vehicle is stopped until it is too late to avoid a collision. The same is true of drunk or drug-influenced drivers whose judgment and reflexes are impaired.

Proving Liability in a Roadside Accident

One of the ways to show that a vehicle failed to take proper safety measures before a roadside collision is to review the event recorder or black box data. This data provides information on whether the brakes were applied as well as the speed of the vehicle before a crash. Both factors are instrumental in proving liability.

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