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January 12, 2020
Edward Smith

Truck Carrying Chickens Overturns on Jackson Road

A truck carrying 6,000 chickens flipped onto its side on Dillard and Jackson roads in Sacramento County on January 8, 2020. According to reports, the chickens were housed in cages on the back of a flat-bed truck when the big rig tried to make a left-hand turn. The truck driver reported that he felt the load shift as he was making the turn prior to its tipping over. According to police, the driver was not speeding when the accident happened and turned appropriately on a green light at the intersection. The driver was reported to have suffered only minor injuries. Tow trucks were needed to remove the big rig, and traffic was blocked for several hours. One tow truck’s cable snapped during removal efforts. Some of the chickens were killed in the accident while others either remained unharmed or escaped into the wild. A local animal sanctuary, Harvest Home, has volunteered to find homes for the escaped chickens.

Loading Cargo

According to standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2004, cargo must be loaded in a way that provides safety during transport for both the cargo and other motorists on the road. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that cargo is loaded properly and is correctly secured. This may involve the use of tie-downs or dunnage and shoring bags. In situations where the cargo has the risk of rolling, wedges are used. The cargo securement devices must be of sufficient strength to restrain the weight of the load. The number of tie-downs must be sufficient to adequately secure the cargo.  

Reasons for Securing Cargo

The main reason to secure cargo is to make sure that it does not move or break free during transit. This is especially true when the cargo consists of small containers loaded on a flat-bed truck. When the cargo shifts, it can cause a truck to be thrown off-balance and result in an accident. A rollover is a common result of shifting cargo since the vehicle’s center of gravity is changed. Alternately, the improperly secured cargo can fall off the truck, leading to road debris initiated crashes involving other vehicles. Both cargo spills and cargo shift accidents can result in serious or fatal crashes. 

Hauling Live Cargo

When live cargo is being hauled, other considerations come into play. The animals or fowl may move during transit. This can result in an undue amount of sway, which can cause the vehicle to lose balance. The result is similar to that found when a tank truck is hauling liquid cargo such as milk or gasoline. When the tank is partially filled, the liquid may slosh as it is being hauled. This movement within the tank can cause the vehicle to become unstable and result in a rollover accident. 

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are involved in an accident with a truck due to improper and negligent cargo securement, an experienced lawyer can help. At our firm, we begin by dispatching our investigative team to the site of the accident. The investigators look for physical reasons why the crash occurred, such as improperly secured cargo. They also interview witnesses who saw the truck accident happen and obtain video footage from traffic surveillance cameras. Police report errors can affect your case since they are widely used as proof, so our investigators thoroughly review them for mistakes. Once all evidence is obtained, our investigators release it to our legal team as they build a strong case for our client.

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