Truck and Multiple Vehicles Crash on Sacramento U.S. 50 West

Truck and Multiple Vehicles Crash on Sacramento U.S. 50 West

Truck and Multiple Vehicles Crash on Sacramento U.S. 50 West

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. A crash between a semi and three other vehicles on July 26 caused at least one injury and backed up traffic on U.S. 50 westbound while the scene was cleared. A traffic advisory was issued to motorists that the highway and the 10th Street off ramp were expected to be closed for 30 to 60 minutes. The accident is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as to cause and to assign fault.

What Happened

The crash occurred along the highway near the 10th Street off ramp in South Sacramento. The CHP reported that it involved a Volvo big rig, Chevy Silverado pickup, Nissan Altima and a Honda sedan. According to a report, one of the vehicles struck the center divide and then ricocheted over to the right-hand side, striking other motorists. The slow lane was blocked, while the big rig and pickup ended up blocking the number five lane. Emergency responders from the Sacramento Fire Department were called for reported injuries to at least one of the occupants in the Honda. An individual who reported the collision said that there was an additional vehicle involved. However, that party was not found at the scene of the accident.

Traffic Delay Due to Clean Up

In addition to the vehicles, a lot of fluid, 20 to 30 gallons, was spilled in the slow lane as a result of the crash, which required cleanup by the fire department. An additional traffic advisory was issued about an hour later telling motorists to expect delays for about 30 minutes.

Major Reasons for Highway Collisions

Ninety-four percent of all collisions are attributed to driver error. While serious injuries can occur in any type of motor vehicle accident, they are often worse on highways and freeways because motorists are traveling at a higher rate of speed, and roads are often congested. The major causes of highway collisions are:

  • Distracted driving is a serious problem when motorists are crowded together on a road and traveling at high speed while dealing with merging traffic, lane changes and looking for the right exit. Looking for a radio station or changing a CD, talking with others in the vehicle and texting or talking on a cell phone are all ways a driver is distracted.
  • Speeding plays a part in many motor vehicle accidents. The faster a vehicle is going, the more serious injuries can be in a collision.
  • Drunk driving, along with drug use, contributes to thousands of deaths each year. Slowed reaction time, the inability to concentrate, decreased vision and impaired judgment makes a drunk or drugged driver dangerous.
  • Wrong way drivers are generally intoxicated or motorists who become confused by roadway signs, and enter a road that goes in the wrong direction.
  • Tailgating is a common problem in accidents both along highways and in cities and towns. Driving too closely behind another vehicle can end in a collision when the motorist behind is not paying attention.

Injuries From Truck Accidents

Due to the difference in size and weight between big trucks and passenger cars and pickups, the majority of injuries and deaths are to the occupants of the smaller vehicles. The type and severity of an injury are dependent on the type of crash. Some of the most common are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: This type of injury ranges from mild concussions to other types of brain trauma that can be disabling, including bleeding into the brain and subdural hematomas.
  • Chest trauma: Trauma to the heart and lungs can lead to an emergency situation quickly.
  • Fractures: Multiple fractures are often reported when a passenger vehicle and a big rig collide. Some of the most serious are those that affect the pelvis and the long bone of the thigh called the femur. Both may require surgery and have long-lasting effects.
  • Spinal cord injuries: In traumatic accidents, the spinal cord may be harmed. This can lead to both partial or total paralysis. Even with moderate trauma, long periods of rehabilitation are often needed.

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