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December 07, 2022
Edward Smith

Truck Accident at Marconi Avenue Overpass Causes Fencing to Fall on Freeway Below

A semi attempting to make a tight turn on the overpass for Marconi Avenue became involved in a truck accident that shut down the Capital City Freeway on December 5. The big rig, while trying to make the turn, went up onto the curb and dislodged the fencing that fell onto the freeway below, according to the Sacramento Police Department. One vehicle struck the debris, but no one suffered injuries in the accident. 

Northbound Lanes Closed and Traffic Backed Up Due to Truck Accident

All northbound lanes on the Cap City Freeway were blocked at the time the accident occurred around 9:00 p.m. The driver of the semi that struck the fences fled the accident scene. Major traffic backups were reported in the incident. Caltrans initially reported that the semi on the overpass fell onto the freeway. However, that information proved to be erroneous.

Difficulties Handling a Big Rig

Driving a big rig is not an easy task. Not only are they much larger than regular cars, but they handle differently and require special training. Big rigs have different braking and acceleration systems, so it can be difficult to get used to the feel of driving one. 

Additionally, big rigs have longer stopping distances than cars, and drivers must always be aware of the speed limit and road conditions. Another challenge of driving a big rig is maneuvering around tight corners, narrow roads and other vehicles. Due to their size, drivers must take extra care when changing lanes, making tight turns, or entering intersections. 

Liability in an Accident Caused by a Negligent Trucker and Their Company

If a trucker or their company is found to be at fault for an accident, they may be held liable under various areas of law. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, liability can include negligence, company neglect and even failure to comply with state and federal laws regarding traffic regulations.

In some cases, multiple parties may be found liable for an accident caused by a negligent trucker or their company. In these instances, several parties may bear responsibility for the damages sustained. For instance, in addition to the trucker and/or their employer, a manufacturer of defective parts or a shipping company that failed to properly load the vehicle may also be held liable for any related injuries.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer 

It is important to remember that each case involving an accident caused by a negligent trucker and their company is unique, and the applicable laws vary from state to state. As such, consulting with an experienced accident attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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