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Accident Reconstruction in a Commercial Truck Collision Case

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November 05, 2023
Edward Smith

Truck Accident Reconstruction Testimony

Establishing liability in a commercial truck accident case is not always straightforward and may require testimony from a crash reconstruction expert. Accident reconstruction refers to the process of determining the sequence of events leading up to a crash and proving who is responsible for the incident. A personal injury lawyer can obtain expert witnesses in a big rig crash case, like an accident reconstruction specialist, to properly establish causation and losses.

What is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction refers to the process of determining how an incident occurred through an independent investigation of the facts and circumstances involved. An accident reconstruction expert will have expertise in forensics, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Expert witness testimony from an accident reconstructionist may be decisive in the outcome of a big rig crash case.

Why is Expert Testimony Important in a Commercial Truck Accident Lawsuit?

The purpose of accident reconstruction in an 18-wheeler collision case is to recreate a crash site and provide answers to unanswered questions on the incident. An accident reconstruction expert will accomplish this through a visual presentation, generally a 3D animation, that provides information on what led to the 18-wheeler crash. Accident reconstruction in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may uncover the following details:

  • The angle and force of impact may reveal information on the vehicle’s direction and speed
  • The omissions or actions of the drivers in the time leading up to the crash, especially in a big rig crash
  • Whether either of the motorists was distracted at the time of the incident, like texting or talking on a cell phone
  • Explanations of conflicting eyewitness accounts of the collision through expert opinion and insight into the incident

Whether dangerous road conditions played a contributing factor or outright caused a collision, such as improper maintenance of public roadways and poor road design
In settlement negotiations for a commercial truck accident case, one of the most crucial forms of evidence is a written report prepared by an accident reconstruction expert. It can establish what occurred, who may be held liable, and whether any individuals or entities failed to comply with relevant state and federal regulations. If the matter is taken to trial, a California personal injury attorney will use an accident reconstructionist as an expert witness to testify before a judge and jury.

When is Accident Reconstruction Needed for an 18-Wheeler Collision Case?

Accident reconstruction may not be necessary in cases involving minimal property damage and minor injuries from a fender-bender. The general rule is that the more severe the injuries and value of damages, the greater the need to retain the services of an expert witness, such as an accident reconstructionist. Findings from this type of expert can support a case against the opposing party, overcome disputes over liability, and improve the chances of a favorable result. Following is a list of some of the reasons why it is necessary to hire an accident reconstruction expert for a case:

  • There were no eyewitnesses to the motor vehicle collision
  • There was difficulty collecting evidence relevant to the incident
  • Allows a judge or jury to understand what occurred in the crash through a visual representation
  • Provides an analysis of the incident through various factors, including vehicle types and weights, length of skid marks (if available), area and extent of vehicle damage, resting location of vehicles, pavement type, and more

Many other scenarios may require expert witness testimony by an accident reconstructionist. An experienced and knowledgeable California personal injury attorney will evaluate the facts and circumstances of a tractor-trailer collision case to determine whether accident reconstruction is necessary. What is helpful about commercial truck accident lawyers is that most, including ours at, offer free consultations. There is no cost to learn about your options moving forward from an attorney who can review your case at no obligation to you.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Retaining the services of an accident reconstruction expert may vary in cost depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. Your California personal injury lawyer will cover these expenses upfront through a contingent fee agreement. This means you will not have to pay attorney’s fees unless a successful case result is obtained.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Sacramento

When an individual is injured in a big rig crash through no fault of their own, they may be entitled to financial recovery for their injuries and associated losses. Cases involving large commercial trucks may be challenging to navigate without experienced legal representation. Contact the experienced Sacramento truck accident attorneys at for free, friendly advice on your potential case at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400. We serve clients in Northern California and throughout the Golden State.

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