Train Collision Causes Death of Young Woman in Stockton

Stockton Train Accident Fatality on Lafayette Street

A train collision in Stockton on November 17 took the life of a young woman. The accident was reported by the Stockton Police Department as occurring around 1:00 in the afternoon in the Park District on East Lafayette Street. Authorities said the woman who died was in her 20s and was declared dead at the site of the accident. The identity of the deceased woman has not yet been released pending notification of the family. No additional details were provided.

Negligence and Train Accident Injuries and Fatalities

As in other types of accidents, negligence of one type or another is the usual cause of a train collision fatality or injury. Some of the ways in which the railroad can be negligent and held responsible for a fatality or injury include:

  • Train engineers who are distracted, drinking, or fatigued
  • Driving the train too fast for the tracks or area
  • Defects in the crossing signals, gates, or train itself
  • Objects that protrude from the train
  • Lack of audible warnings
  • Parking the train too close to the crossing
  • Poor design of the train crossing
  • Defects in the tracks or grade that can trip a pedestrian or cause problems with vehicles
  • Overgrown vegetation that obscures the crossing
  • Train derailment, which impacts those on board and nearby
  • Poor scheduling, which can lead to two trains colliding

Train Collision Liability

When the fault does not lie with the pedestrian or motorist in a train accident, more than one party may be responsible. This could include an employee of the company, engineer, railroad owner, parts manufacturer, or crew that maintains the tracks and crossing signals. One part of the job of an injury lawyer is to determine which party/parties are at fault, so they can be held responsible. 

Investigating a Train Collision

An investigation into the cause of the train collision is conducted by the Federal Railroad Administration in conjunction with local authorities. When a fatality occurs due to a train collision, the family may place a wrongful death claim to recover damages. This not only helps them financially but can bring a sense of justice for the loss of their loved one. 

Injury Lawyer Investigation Into the Cause of the Fatality Accident

Your Stockton wrongful death attorney will also conduct an investigation into the cause of the train collision to collect the evidence needed to support your wrongful death claim. By showing that the train engineer, company or others are at fault for the train collision, a lawsuit can proceed to help our client collect the compensation that they deserve. Areas of investigation include looking for negligence by the company, maintenance of tracks and the train crossing, and defects in the railroad crossing. 

Once the evidence in the case has been compiled, our legal team uses it to construct a strong claim for compensation. By doing so through a wrongful death lawsuit, the grieving family cannot only obtain damages for the loss of their loved one but can obtain justice.

Stockton Personal Injury Attorney

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