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Traffic Jam Slows the Morning Commute on Hwy 99

Traffic Jam Slows the Morning Commute on Hwy 99

A two-vehicle collision on Highway 99 northbound on August 30 caused a massive traffic jam. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokesman, Officer Eric Morales, the accident happened south of the Highway 50 connector at 12th Avenue. A Sig Alert was issued due to an oil spill in the left lanes. Traffic started backing up due to the two-vehicle collision, extending back to Florin Road. Drivers were urged to take Interstate 5 or Franklin Boulevard as alternate routes. 

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are a familiar sight, especially for commuters. Due to the high number of vehicles on the road, inadequate infrastructure, and a strong economy, such occurrences are common in urban areas. Accidents, city traffic light patterns, and construction are other reasons traffic jams occur. There are even phantom traffic jams. These occur for no particular reason and are usually the result of several vehicles slowing down, resulting in a slowdown that extends backward in a wave-like fashion. 

Traffic Jams and Accidents

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Traffic jams are one of them. While they do not fall into the same intensity level as other causes such as texting or drunk driving, they are a problem that drivers deal with all the time. Due to lack of planning, the expanding workforce in cities and the resultant implications this has on major and minor roads causes congestion. It is this congestion that leads to exploding tempers and accidents. Construction is another culprit as commuters are put to the test day after day getting to and from work. 

More Cars on the Road

No matter where you live, the numbers of cars on the roads has increased. This is due to the increased numbers of people who are driving, cheaper vehicles and gas prices as well as the lack of efficient public transportation. As a whole, drivers cover 30 billion miles annually, which is more than double the 110 million traveled in 2009. On an individual level, male drivers put approximately 20,000 miles more on their vehicles than a driver in 1970 did. 

Roads Are Another Problem

Fewer roads are being built than they were in the past even though the existing ones have trouble handling increased traffic. Even though the number of miles driven has increased by 76 percent, road construction is estimated at 1.5 percent annually. Many other roads are poorly maintained, and city and state agencies are not able to keep up. The lack of enough roads or poorly maintained ones lead to more traffic jams and accidents.

Driver Behavior

The poor behavior of drivers exacerbates the increased traffic and roadway issues. Drunk and distracted driving, along with road rage, are problems that motorists face on a consistent basis. In addition, commercial drivers are pressed into driving faster and sometimes recklessly to meet a rigid schedule. Fatigued driving, common to all types of drivers, is also a factor. Taken together, the number of accidents are increasing at a frightening rate. 

Government Agencies Can Be Taken to Task

It is common to hold individual drivers responsible for accidents. However, government agencies are also liable for the lack of good roads. This encompasses maintaining the road and ensuring that appropriate signage is not only present but also visible. In some areas, police patrols are decreasing due to budget cuts. Government agencies are not above the law, and it is possible to break through the immunity they once hid behind. Your attorney will be able to file a lawsuit against them as well as individuals who caused the accident. Remember, the time limit to file against a government agency is different. Your attorney will make sure that all documents are filed in a timely fashion.

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