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August 26, 2022
Edward Smith

Folsom Starts Two New Traffic Improvements Projects 

Folsom residents will soon get some much-needed traffic relief in the area. On Monday, August 22, the City of Folsom commenced work on two important traffic improvement projects.

East Bidwell Street Widening

The first project is widening East Bidwell Street from White Rock Road to Highway 50. An extra southbound bike lane and vehicle lane will be added. The city will also add another westbound left turn lane from the Costco shopping center and an additional auxiliary onramp lane to the US 50 westbound.

A Folsom city spokesperson said this will help ease traffic on Iron Point Road near the shopping centers. During construction, drivers can expect traffic delays along East Bidwell Street, Savanna Parkway, Westwood Drive, and Alder Creek Parkway through April 2023. The delays will be annoying but the pay off will be worth it.

Empire Ranch Interchange

The second project is at the Empire Ranch interchange. The city is working with Caltrans and the community to improve the intersection and onramp to reduce congestion.

Construction will include a four-lane overpass with roundabouts at the eastbound and westbound US 50 ramp connections and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The project will also include building a sound wall behind homes between Iron Point Road and Hayloft Drive to improve safety along the US 50 corridor.

The city said they will communicate any changes on roadways in advance so motorists will know what to expect. City planners often work hand-in-hand with police to enforce those changes and educate drivers.

Traffic in Folsom, CA

Folsom is a thriving community with trendsetting shopping centers and restaurants, attracting many visitors. Although the Gold Line light rail between the Historic Folsom and Sacramento Valley stations helps relieve traffic, accidents can still occur, causing severe injuries or deaths.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Folsom

The intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Blue Ravine is considered one of the most dangerous intersections in the city, as many accidents have occurred there. However, other hazardous intersections in Folsom include:

  • Blue Ravine Road & Bidwell Street
  • Iron Point Road & Bidwell Street
  • Riley Street & Blue Ravine Road
  • Iron Point Road & Folsom Boulevard
  • Prairie City Road & Iron Point Road
  • Oakdale Street & Natoma Street
  • Sutter Street & Riley Street

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Watch the YouTube video: Folsom Plans for Additional Left-turn Lane to Address Traffic Concerns. The video below from ABC 10 explains how the City of Folsom is working to address traffic concerns.

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