Update | Traffic Fatality Reported in Nevada City Crash

Head-On Crash on Highway 20 Causes a Fatality and Multiple Injuries

A traffic fatality and multiple casualties were reported near Nevada City on June 4 after a collision with a livestock trailer loaded with sheep. A news release by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident happened along Highway 20 close to Chalk Bluff Road. The driver of an Acura TL was going east through a winding area of the highway at too fast a speed and crossed over into the opposing lane, where it struck a Ford F-350 pickup head-on. 

Driver Injured and Passenger Killed After Crossing the Centerline

The Acura driver suffered serious injuries and was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment. A female passenger in his car, age 37, died in the collision. The driver of the Acura has not yet been identified. Officials have recently identified the decedent as 36-year-old Jessica Johnson of Sacramento.

Three People Injured After Their Pickup Is Struck Head-On

The pickup driver, 77-year-old Live Oak resident Donald Mayo, sustained serious injuries. Two others in the pickup, Denise Mayo, age 67, and Matt Perkins, age 43, were also injured. The two older people in the pickup were transported for additional evaluation and treatment to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. The younger man did not require an ambulance. The livestock being hauled in the trailer of the pickup were unharmed. 

Head-On Collisions Often Result in a Traffic Fatality

When two vehicles hit head-on, it can easily result in severe injuries or even a traffic fatality. The speeds of both vehicles combine when the impact in a head-on crash occurs. In other words, if both vehicles are moving at 50 mph, the combined speed of impact would be 100 mph. It is no surprise to see that a head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur. 

Investigating a Traffic Fatality and Injury Accident

Under California law, someone who is injured or loses a loved one in a traffic collision can claim compensation from the at-fault party. Our injury lawyers at AutoAccident.com have successfully resolved many trauma cases and those that result in a traffic fatality. By collecting the evidence needed to support the claim, the grieving family or injured party can recover the compensation they deserve.

  • The investigators go to the site of the injury or traffic fatality to take photographs and examine the area, including whether roadway maintenance was neglected and contributed to the crash.
  • The incident report filed by the responding police is examined to determine its accuracy. This is done because mistakes could affect the client’s ability to recover damages.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction because it illustrates the positioning of both vehicles and how the traffic fatality or injury occurred. This kind of evidence is used both in civil court cases and by insurance companies.
  • Surveillance cameras located in the area are checked to see if the accident was captured on their film as it occurred.
  • Any witnesses to the traffic fatality or injury accident are interviewed.

The evidence gathered by our investigators is used by our injury lawyers to construct a case that strongly supports our client’s compensation claim.

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