Traffic calming in Citrus Heights

Traffic Calming is a politically correct way of trying to slow traffic down in a neighborhood. The  administrators of City of Citrus Heights having nothing better to do, decided to have a separate local agency called Traffic Management especially to implement traffic calming throughout Citrus Heights.

Car’s going too fast on your street? No problem? The local planners will install “Speed bumps” or “Speed plateaus” or another euphemism on demand. The City of Citrus Heights has a web page to persuade r taxpayers that the planners and administrators are on the job, and will save and protect the public on demand. The General Services Department works with Citrus Heights Police and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District to take up

And act upon traffic issues raised by taxpayers.

They’ve even developed a form so anyone can request a speed bump in front of their home.

Great idea right? Actually, it isn’t. Traffic Calming was originally developed in the Netherlands, but engineers and planners quickly discovered that drivers might slow down for one speed bump, but then speed up midstreet to make up lost time. Further, if speed bumps are installed on one street, many studies have shown that cars go much faster on the following street.

Additionally, increased emissions adversely affect air quality and can delay emergency help by ambulances or fire personnel.

(Read more on this subject in the fascinating book Traffic: Why we drive the Way we do (Pgs 189-193).

As frequently occurs, a government initiative to resolve one problem creates several others that are somewhat  disguised.

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