Traffic Accident Near Rio Vista Causes a Fatality

Fatality Reported in Highway 160 Traffic Crash

A three-vehicle traffic accident east of Rio Vista resulted in one fatality on March 9. The collision occurred along Highway 160 close to Brannan Island Road around 2:00 p.m. The South Sacramento California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the accident involved a box truck, a Ford pickup and a Nissan Altima. According to the police report, a driver was heading north on the highway, swerving, sideswiping the box truck and then hitting the pickup head-on. Neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected of contributing to the fatal crash.

Fatality Traffic Accident Under Investigation

When an off-duty policeman arrived at the accident scene, one person was discovered to have suffered a major head injury. The person was declared dead at the scene by Rio Vista Fire Department officials. Traffic delays one-way on the highway were expected for about three hours as the scene was cleared. The incident is being investigated to determine how it occurred.

A Three-Vehicle Accident Caused by Negligence

Traffic accidents are mostly caused by negligence. Unfortunately, when two vehicles are involved in a crash, it isn’t unusual that other drivers to become involved, especially on a highway at higher speeds. The cause of this problem can be attributed to several factors, including:

  • Driving while distracted is a major cause of a traffic accident and often involves texting or talking on a cell phone.
  • Drunk or drugged driving makes a motorist unable to safely handle their vehicle, especially since they have trouble judging their distance from other cars and weave in the lane.
  • Speeding is common on highways, and when a traffic accident occurs, serious injuries and fatalities happen.
  • Fatigue affects a driver in a similar way to someone who is intoxicated.
  • Government negligence for poor road maintenance can cause an accident. Because the time limit to file a claim is six months, getting help from an injury lawyer can be advisable.
  • Auto defects can cause a traffic collision. Safeguarding the car is important, so an examination can be performed to see if a defect was the cause. An auto product liability claim may be placed to recover damages.

In addition to determining what type of negligence led to the accident, wrongful death attorneys investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. By filing a claim, a grieving family can recover compensation. Recovery of damages in a wrongful death claim can help the family deal with their financial situation and bring them a sense of justice for their loss.

Accident Fatality Compensation

Wrongful death claims can be filed in two ways. The estate administrator or immediate family members may place a claim. A spouse and their children are considered immediate family members. It is permissible for a deceased person’s parents and siblings to file their own claim in the absence of a spouse or children. However, only one can be filed. It is possible to recover damages in the following categories:

  • Costs associated with death and burial
  • Estimated earnings of the deceased, including any benefits or bonuses they received in the years leading up to retirement
  • Loss of consortium, love and affection may be claimed by the spouse 
  • A deceased person’s offspring can claim loss of guidance and nurturing
  • It may be possible to recover the cost of the chores the deceased performed around the house

Rio Vista Personal Injury Lawyer

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