Tracy Stolen Mail Truck Crash

Tracy Stolen Mail Truck Crash

Tracy Stolen Mail Truck Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Tracy car accident attorney. A postal worker was delivering mail in Tracy on the morning of Wednesday, November 16, 2016. Somehow, the postal worker’s mail truck was stolen by thieves. The thieves later ended up crashing the mail truck into a home.

What Happened?

A postal worker’s United States Postal Service mail truck was stolen by two thieves during their morning routes. For unknown reasons, the thieves crashed the mail truck into a home in Tracy along Cabrillo Drive at approximately 11:00 am. The thieves fled from the scene after colliding into the home. Investigators reported that the thieves had stolen the vehicle from the worker two blocks away from the scene of the crash. According to officers from the Tracy Police Department, it is unclear whether the keys were left inside the vehicle by the postal worker.

Was Anybody Injured? 

Authorities indicated that the postal worker was not injured during the incident. Thankfully, no one was at home during the time of the accident. The eight month pregnant renter of the home was out eating breakfast and quickly rushed home to check on her dogs when she was notified of the crash. The dogs were found uninjured at the residence.

What Type of Property Damage?

Due to the impact of the collision, property damage was evident for not only the mail truck but the home as well. The home sustained major damages consisting of a split garage wall and broken pottery. Broken glass was also found scattered along the sidewalk. The details regarding the exact damages of the mail truck have not been released at this time. However, it can be presumed that the mail truck could be declared as a total loss for property damage.

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