Torn Hamstring in an Auto Accident

Torn Hamstring in an Auto Accident

A torn hamstring is a painful injury that often takes a long time to heal. The hamstring muscles feel like two cords or strings that run down the back of the leg from top to bottom. These muscles are called the:

  • Biceps femoris
  • Semimembranosus
  • Semitendinosus

These are strong muscles that play a critical role in numerous functions include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping

The job of the hamstrings is to bend the knees. In this motion, the hamstrings also will move the hips backward. Sudden, extreme movements of the hamstrings can actually lead to serious strains and sprains. On the other hand, involvement in traumatic accidents can actually lead to hamstring tears.

Mechanism of Injury: A Torn Hamstring

Like all muscles, the hamstrings need to be stretched prior to any strenuous physical activity. If these muscles are stretched past their breaking point, they will start to tear. Even though many people associate hamstring injuries with sports, they can also happen in an auto accident. In a front-end collision, the legs are often trapped or pinned at the front of the car. If the legs are not able to move with the rest of the body because they are pinned, this can lead to serious injuries. Symptoms of a torn hamstring include:

  • A popping sensation along the back of the leg
  • Severe bruising or swelling along the back of the leg
  • Pain that gets worse with any movement of the legs
  • An inability to walk, run or jump

If someone has been diagnosed with a torn hamstring, there are several different treatment options available.

Treatment of a Torn Hamstring

The treatment of a torn hamstring is going to depend on the severity of the injury. The seriousness of this injury is typically graded using a combination of physical examination procedures and imaging, such as an MRI. Nonsurgical treatment options include:

  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as Tylenol and Motrin
  • Immobilization followed by physical therapy

If the tendon has been completely torn away from the rest of the body, surgery will be required to reimplant it. This procedure is typically performed by an orthopedic surgeon. After this procedure, physical therapy is necessary. The recovery process from a torn hamstring could take weeks to months depending on the severity of the injury.

Watch YouTube Video: Top 3 Treatments for Hamstring Injury or Tear. This video demonstrates the three types of treatment that you should do after injuring or tearing your hamstring muscle.

Help from an Injury Lawyer

Those who sustain serious traumatic injuries in a car accident could have lifelong complications stemming from their injuries. This situation can have severe impacts not only for the individual but also for their family. During this time, it is important to ask for help from a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. Some of the ways that an injury attorney can help include:

  • Taking a look at the records from the accident to make sure that all details have been considered.
  • Negotiating with various financial institutions to make sure that all benefits are paid on time.
  • Assisting families in pursuing damages that are related to the accident and its injuries.
  • Shifting a case to the courtroom when required.

No family should ever feel obligated to face this challenging situation alone. Reach out to a trained personal injury lawyer in Sacramento today. Your family could be owed a significant financial reward.

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